DAT Group Joint Stock Company is the leading product provider and solution developer in Vietnam in the fields of Industrial Automation and Sustainable Energy.

Over the past 18 years, DAT has built a value ecosystem with outstanding elements in culture, strategy, personnel, solutions, services, technology, and supply capabilities... aimed at increasing efficiency for customers and partners in production and business activities.
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GD20 series economic type open loop vector control VFD


GD200A series general-purpose open loop vector VFD


SV – DA200 – Servo Drives


The compact basic performance converter SINAMICS V20


The compact versatile frequency converter SINAMICS G120C


The converter for all water and air applications SINAMICS G120X: Master the elements



Mask Machine
Packing Machine
Incense Sticks Making Machine
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Textile Industry
Plastic Industry
Paper Industry
Wood Industry
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EC3000 Series
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GD5000 medium voltage inverter controls coal conveyor in Quang Ninh

Successful application of DA200 Servo for palletizing robots

GD200A solution for high efficiency spinning machine

GD35-09 rotary knife cutting machine control cabinet with integrated color line cutting

Provide control solution for paper V cutter

Control solution for RO water purifier system

Replace the servo drive of the hydraulic plastic injection machine with a GD350 VFD

Enhancing the capacity and reputation of machine manufacturers in the international market

The international ISO standard plastic injection company chooses DAT as a long-term automation partner

Increase production efficiency thanks to the application of INVT inverter for wood pellet mill

Rotary knife cutter operates stably, speed up to 120 m/min

Power saving solution for dust collection system

Increase efficiency 3 times for incense sticks making machine

Hoa Phat Steel uses INVT inverters to save 40% of power consumption

High efficiency thanks to the application of remote control solution for Jet dyeing machine


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