The GEAT EC3000 Series elevator control system serves all types of projects

The rapid increase in the number of residential buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, factories, enterprises, and construction sites, along with the demand for improving the quality of life, is the reason why elevators are gradually becoming an essential device in all types of projects.

Equipping and selecting an elevator control system that ensures both performance, convenience, safety, and aesthetics while also being suitable for the architecture of the building and meeting various usage requirements is something that many people are concerned about. Amidst the vibrant elevator market today, the GEAT EC3000 Series elevator control system remains the top choice for all projects. Why is this system trusted so much? Let’s follow the article below for a detailed answer.


The factors to consider when selecting an elevator control system for various projects

Factors such as speed of movement, smooth operation, ability to handle multiple command codes, stopping or floor transitioning… of the elevator depend on the control system.

Therefore, choosing a suitable elevator control system for the project is an essential step. Some factors to consider when selecting an elevator control system may include: safety standards, load capacity and size, durability, integrated control modes, technical support, and post-sales services provided by the supplier.


Safety Standards

This is a top priority factor, as only when the elevator control system is certified to comply with safety standards, codes, and regulations should users consider selecting it. Common safety standards for elevators today include the EN 81 Series (European Standard) for European manufacturers, ASME A17.1/CSA B44 (North American Standard) for manufacturers in North America…

Load Capacity and Size

Users need to determine the elevator’s load capacity to ensure that the control system is suitable for the size, capacity, space, and specific requirements of each different project.


Users should pay attention to selecting an elevator control system with a clear origin, from reputable manufacturers, to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep during usage, ensuring the durability of the equipment.

Integrated Control Modes

The elevator control system should integrate multiple advanced control modes to ensure flexible and efficient speed adjustment, stability and smoothness during operation, the ability to handle and execute multiple commands simultaneously, precise control during stopping and floor transitioning…

Technical Support and Post-Sales Services

Users should choose elevator control system suppliers that can provide good technical support and reliable after-sales services.

Efficient elevator operation not only depends on the quality of the equipment but also on the supplier and the experience of elevator installation experts, technical support. When installing elevators for projects, you should choose suppliers with many years of experience for peace of mind.

Which elevator control panel should be used for every project?

The GEAT EC3000 Series elevator control system is the optimal choice for all projects. The EC3000 Series with a range of new smart features perfectly meets the requirements for modern, safe, convenient, and luxurious control. Currently, residential buildings, apartments, shopping centers, hospitals… using the EC3000 Series elevator control system all achieve outstanding performance and exceed user expectations.”


Absolute Safety with European Standards

The GEAT EC3000 Series elevator control system complies with European safety standards. Its design integrates modern technology combining logic control techniques, high-grade signal processing, and CAN bus communication technology to enhance safety and flexible responsiveness, ensuring stable operation in all conditions.

Smooth and Ultra-Quiet Operation

By using S-curve characteristic control algorithms, the EC3000 Series control panels enable smooth and flexible elevator operation during startup, acceleration, deceleration, and stopping, while maintaining smoothness at high operating speeds.

Control for up to 64 Floors

With the capability to control elevators up to 64 floors and speeds of up to 6m/s, the EC3000 Series meets the increasingly high demands of buildings. The system also supports group control for up to 8 elevators, facilitating convenient and efficient management and operation, reducing waiting time for users.

Control Support for Both Gearless PM and Geared AM Machines

The EC3000 Series is flexible in controlling both geared AM machines with gearboxes and gearless PM machines without gearboxes, with various voltage levels, optimizing usage, reducing energy consumption, and maintenance costs.

Integrated On-board PG Card and 2 Signal Input Ports for Various Encoders

The EC3000 Series integrates an On-board PG card and 2 signal input ports for various types of encoders such as ERN1387, Incremental Encoder push-pull or open collector, SIN/COS, UVW… ensuring stable system operation without the need for additional PG Cards.

Compact Size

With its compact size, the EC3000 Series is a suitable choice for various types of projects, saving installation space even in buildings with limited elevator shafts while still ensuring safety for the internal equipment.

Moreover, the EC3000 Series also integrates many extended features such as voice status notification, error notification via SMS, management via smart cards, and many other features. This is the optimal solution for new elevator installations and cost-saving for projects upgrading or renovating old elevators. However, to ensure an exceptional experience, customers should pay attention to the installation techniques and maintenance services provided by the supplier.

DAT Group – the official distributor of GEAT in Vietnam, commits to providing technical support 24/7 for all EC3000 Series elevator control panels and synchronized circuit boards, along with genuine warranty support, ensuring customers’ peace of mind in choosing and experiencing the product. Additionally, DAT Group regularly conducts technical training courses to support customers in efficient usage and achieving optimal value from the equipment.

Certification of DAT Group as the Official Distributor of GEAT in Vietnam

With over 18 years of establishment and development, DAT Group has established a strong foothold in the minds of customers thanks to its ecosystem of superior products, solutions, and services. With the ability to perfectly meet customer requirements for safety, convenience, and luxury, the products and solutions in the elevator industry provided by DAT Group are increasingly trusted and chosen by thousands of customers.

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