IMS Series: INVT’s All-New Generation of Servo Motors

On May 6, 2024, through DAT Group, INVT officially launched the new generation of Servo motors, the IMS Series, in the Vietnamese market with many superior improvements compared to previous models.

The event is part of the strategy to replace the current SV motor line, affirming INVT and DAT Group’s development goal of continuously improving product quality, pioneering the adoption of technological trends to bring optimal value to customers and partners.


IPM Structure – Increased Efficiency, Durability, and Savings

The application of IPM design to the IMS motor allows INVT to create a new generation of Servo motors with significantly improved efficiency compared to the previous SV series. With the IPM structure, permanent magnets are fixed inside the rotor to enhance torque and the ability to operate at high speeds. Simultaneously, the embedded magnets in the rotor form a more robust mechanical structure, ensuring safety during use.

The IMS motor can accelerate quickly and smoothly, far surpassing traditional motors, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption, making the cost-saving benefits more evident. The new design also provides excellent heat dissipation, helping to minimize temperature rise during operation, thereby increasing the motor’s lifespan and stability.

Additionally, the IMS motor is equipped with a 17-bit magnetic encoder and a 23-bit optical encoder with high resolution, ensuring precision in position and speed, and minimizing errors. Therefore, the IMS motor is suitable for applications requiring extremely high precision.

Flexibly Meeting Comprehensive Needs

The IMS motor is highly flexible, ranging from 0.1kW to 64kW, offering various configurations of weight and speed, and can be used in combination with low, medium, and high inertia motors to meet the specific requirements of different applications.


Thanks to its compact design, the IMS motor saves installation space, allowing for the optimal arrangement of equipment. The IMS motor will support automation systems in achieving quick, precise control of position, speed, torque, and trajectory, especially in the textile, machine tool, packaging printing, and 3C industries.

With a combination of outstanding features, simple structure, and easy operation, the IMS Series is INVT’s most advanced Servo motor line to date. The IMS motor is available in the power ranges of the DA180 and DA200 AC Servo systems. For detailed technical specifications, please click here.

To become one of the first customers to experience and gain a competitive advantage from the new generation IMS motor, please connect with DAT Group, INVT’s sole representative in Vietnam. If you have any questions about the products and solutions, customers and partners can contact the toll-free hotlineat  1800 6567 for support.