Workshop ‘FA AT SITE’: Diverse Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Business Development

The “FA at Site” workshop organized by DAT Group with the participation of Siemens experts was successfully held on May 31, 2024, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Focusing on the current hot topic of smart automated factory models, the “FA at Site” workshop provided a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience in utilizing Siemens’ latest products and technological solutions to address challenges in improving productivity, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing carbon footprints.


The workshop was designed to combine theoretical instruction with practical application, enabling partners and technicians to easily grasp the knowledge, quickly familiarize themselves with operational procedures, and confidently apply solutions in real factory environments.


During the program, experts shared insights into the overall requirements for sustainable development and Siemens’ innovative solutions, including the Energy Management System (EMS) solutions, energy efficiency features of the SINAMICS Drive, the SiGREEN Carbon Footprint Management platform, advanced motion control with SINAMICS Drive, S7-1500, and S7-1500T.

Thanks to the impressive features of these technologies, which allow for quick application in production activities and enhanced sustainability, attendees remained enthusiastic and engaged throughout the workshop.


Additionally, in the practical sessions, Siemens experts directly guided attendees on how to leverage Siemens’ programming tools and available solutions to enhance competitiveness and successfully establish a smart factory model—a system capable of continuously connecting and processing data from production operations to the supply chain.

At the end of the program, participants also had the opportunity to network and receive advice on thoroughly resolving issues from the experiences of experts and businesses in the same field.


The “FA at Site” workshop is one of the activities within the strategy to build an ecosystem that enhances efficiency and provides optimal value for DAT Group’s customers and partners. By maintaining its image as a leading brand in Vietnam in the field of industrial automation and renewable energy, DAT Group—a Global Partner of Siemens—will continue to organize similar programs. The aim is to update technological advancements and support businesses in keeping pace with the global market by building smarter, more efficient factories and reducing negative environmental impacts.

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