DAT Share - Connect - Develop

In the spirit of sharing and giving useful values ​​to customers and partners, DAT establishes an information page to share knowledge related to products and solutions in the field of inverters – automation, Elevator control, Solar and UPS.

DAT training courses are advised by highly specialized advice from DAT experts and engineers to help businesses master control technology from basic to advanced and any installation related activities, install and operate high performance products.

DAT sets up completely free and flexible training programs to suit the needs of followers. Here, you can take an online course through video, documentation, a webinar (webinar) or request a live training at the client’s location.


Online Training

We provide hundreds of course modules for you and your staff on a wide variety of topics about products and solutions.

Training At The Customer's Factory

If you have the request, DAT's engineers will directly consult the solution, guide installation and transfer technology.

Training Concentrated At DAT

DAT regularly opens training classes to share many new solutions. Experience the effective demo & evaluation system directly.

Contact us

If you have training requests at your company’s location, please contact 1800 6567 for quickest support or share your information and company details with us.