EC20 Inverter – The Optimal Solution for Elevator Door Control

In an elevator system, the elevator door needs to open and close smoothly and accurately to ensure safety and comfort for users. Designed specifically for elevator door control, the EC20 inverter from INVT has become an indispensable device for providing a perfect elevator experience.

This article will analyze the outstanding features of the EC20 inverter and the benefits of using this device for elevator door control.


  1. Superior Safety

The EC20 elevator door inverter provides superior safety with features that protect passengers in all situations.

Anti-Door Opening During Elevator Malfunction

With this feature, the EC20 inverter ensures that the elevator door will not open unexpectedly, keeping passengers safe in the cabin. Especially in cases where the elevator stops between floors, the system will prevent the door from opening, avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

Protection Against People and Obstructions

The EC20 inverter is equipped with a highly intelligent person and obstruction protection function. When the door is closing and encounters a significant resistance, the system will automatically activate the door opening mechanism. This helps to avoid unwanted collisions and ensures the safety of passengers and items during entry/exit.

Door Close Holding and Door Open Holding

The door close holding feature is particularly useful for high-rise buildings with high wind pressure, helping to prevent door shaking and gaps. Therefore, passengers always feel safe and comfortable when using the elevator.

With the door open holding feature, transporting bulky goods or multiple luggage items at once becomes easier, without the need to rush. Elderly and disabled people have enough time to move in or out of the elevator, reducing stress.

  1. Convenience, Just Connect and Operate

The EC20 elevator door inverter is compact, user-friendly, and easy to install, just connect and operate.

Pre-configured, Ready to Operate

The EC20 inverter comes pre-configured, saving time and effort for installation. Additionally, users do not need to worry about adjusting complex parameters and can use it confidently right after connection.

Compatible with ABZ Encoder

The EC20 is designed to be perfectly compatible with ABZ encoders with push-pull or open collector outputs. This flexibility allows users to easily integrate the EC20 into various systems without needing significant changes or adjustments.

Compact Design

One of the notable advantages of the EC20 is its compact Din-rail design. With this design, the EC20 inverter is not only easy to install in control cabinets but also helps optimize space, facilitating future system maintenance and expansion.


High-end Control Terminal and User-friendly Interface

The EC20 is equipped with a high-end control terminal with a user-friendly interface. Users can quickly operate and adjust the necessary parameters without difficulty, minimizing errors and enhancing work efficiency.

  1. Diverse Intelligent Control Features

Integrated with many intelligent control features, the EC20 inverter provides a smooth experience with every motion.

Position-based Acceleration/Deceleration Profile

The ability to control the position-based acceleration/deceleration profile helps the elevator door open and close quickly and smoothly, optimizing the door’s movement. The EC20 inverter has three main door control modes:

First, speed control using 2 limit sensors and 2 deceleration sensors, along with 2 simulated deceleration sensors in the inverter, allows smooth door operation when decelerating.

Second, speed control based on position feedback from the motor encoder and 2 limit sensors, allowing quick, precise, and smooth door operation.

Third, speed control based on position feedback from the motor encoder without using limit sensors, allowing quick, precise, and smooth door operation, saving costs.


Automatic Door Travel Width Learning Function

This function helps the system automatically recognize and remember the door’s maximum width, thereby optimizing the speed and force of opening/closing, ensuring the elevator door always operates correctly, avoiding jamming or improper closing.

During use, factors such as mechanical wear or position changes can affect the door travel width. The auto-learning function helps the system continuously adjust to reflect these changes, maintaining performance, and saving time and maintenance costs.

Integrated Timer in All Control Stages

The timer supports precise control of opening and closing times, enhancing accuracy during operation and ensuring the elevator door operates according to the set schedule.

Receiving Open/Close Door Commands and Output Relay Signals

The EC20 inverter can receive open/close door commands and output relay signals, helping the system respond quickly and accurately, and allowing users to easily monitor and control the elevator door’s status.

Modern Communication

Finally, the EC20 supports modern communication protocols like CAN bus and MODBUS, allowing easy connection and communication with other control systems. This enhances flexibility, compatibility, and system expansion.

The EC20 elevator door inverter with its optimal control solution has earned the trust of many customers. If you are interested in and wish to experience the superior features that the EC20 inverter brings to the elevator system, please contact DAT Group via the toll-free Hotline 1800 6567 for 24/7 consultation and support.

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