Increase production efficiency thanks to the application of INVT inverter for wood pellet mill

“INVT inverter controls the tablet press to operate stably and protect the machinery better. Our workers easily adjust the machine speed suitable to the input materials, ensuring that the machine runs out good quality products, meeting quality standards such as hardness, evenness, gloss, and not broken during transportation and export”

Mr. Bui Van Bao – Technical Manager of Phu Tai Bio-Energy Joint Stock Company shared.

Project information

Name of client Phu Tai Bio-Energy Joint Stock Company
Field of activity Production of wood pellets
Customer need Looking for a solution to control the speed of the sawdust pellet mill, protect the engine, and improve product quality.
DAT’s solutions Using GD200A VFD
Application results
  • Workers can easily adjust the machine speed suitable to the input materials.
  • Smooth starting system, avoiding the impact of starting current, prolonging the life of the motor.
  • Stepless speed control, the best quality of wood pellets is achieved according to order requirements.

Challenges from production costs and the need for technological innovation

Phu Tai Bio-Energy Joint Stock Company is one of the pioneers in the wood pellet industry in Vietnam. Starting with a small factory, production capacity is still limited due to the lack of investment in machinery and technology, and sawdust pellets are only supplied to the domestic market.

Mr. Bui Van Bao – Technical Manager of the Company said: “Most of the previous machines were star triangle circuit startup, main engine always operated at maximum speed, so the machine often malfunctioned, which takes time to repair. When it is necessary to adjust the speed of the machine to produce better pellets, the only way is to change the reducer, which is mechanically difficult and very expensive.”

With the old control method, the operator could not adjust the speed fast or slow according to production needs, so the output product was unsatisfactory. Products are not pressed tightly, easily broken during transportation, reducing the efficiency of competition and expanding the market of enterprises.

Facing many challenges from more and more competition of the market, Phu Tai Bio-Energy Company decided to seek solutions to innovate control technology for pellet mill.

Deploying the application solution of INVT VFD for pellet mill

In 2014, DAT started deploying the solution of using INVT – GD200A VFD for pellet mill at Phu Tai Bio-Energy Joint Stock Company.


DAT installs the INVT VFD to control the main motor, the motor speed is controlled steplessly.

Fast or slow speed is very easily controlled, depending on the characteristics of the input material and the pressure required to produce quality sawdust pellets. The system is installed very quickly, easy to operate, maintain and maintain.

Stable operation, high quality pellets

Phu Tai Bio-Energy Company has been innovating technology for pellet mill since 2014. After more than 3 years of applying the solution, the product has achieved better standard quality in terms of hardness, evenness, and gloss, meeting the market’s need and becoming the industry leader in terms of production output and export.

“Currently, our production capacity reaches 10,000 tons/month. Tablet products are consumed domestically and exported to Japan and Korea. We fully master the technology, master the production process and always ensure uniform and stable product quality.” Mr. Bui Van Bao said.

In addition, the solution with the following advantages is highly appreciated by customers:

  • The system starts smoothly, avoiding the impact of the starting current, helping to protect the mechanical system, improving the life of the motor. The machine does not vibrate, reduces noise, improves the working environment.
  • Works well in places with unstable power supply.
  • The INVT series of energy-saving inverters will automatically cut off the residual torque, helping to increase the efficiency of saving electricity.
  • The system works stably, can control the machine to work well for the most difficult materials.

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