DAT Group TechTalk 2024: Sharing Potential and Collaboration Opportunities at Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport

On June 28, 2024, the “DAT Group TechTalk 2024” seminar took place with the enthusiastic participation of over 200 students at Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport. The success of the event opened up numerous collaboration opportunities for human resource development between DAT Group and the university, meeting the increasing demands of the automation industry.

Over 200 students eagerly explored new technology trends

At the beginning of the seminar, a representative from DAT Group introduced the company’s leading ecosystem in the industrial automation sector in Vietnam. With specialized knowledge and practical experience from successfully implementing thousands of projects over the years, the company emphasized its ability to guide students in acquiring the necessary skills to meet the expectations of employers.

DAT Group representative introduces the company’s leading ecosystem in industrial automation

Following this, a DAT Group expert provided an overview of current trends and popular industrial automation systems, delving into the products and solutions from two market-leading brands, INVT and Siemens.

Notably, students also had the opportunity to hear valuable lessons from real-life stories and scenarios shared by DAT Group experts. These insights not only inspired but also helped students clearly envision their future work environment and career paths.

DAT Group expert shares lessons from real project implementations

Assessing the current impact of Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI) on the automation industry, DAT Group invited experts from Siemens to help students explore concepts such as industrial edge computing, cloud service connectivity, and performance analysis.

Siemens expert supports students in exploring new concepts

In addition to foundational theories, demo solutions that have been applied in several major projects by DAT Group and Siemens were also showcased, allowing students to observe how these systems operate in real-time. During the event, students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport were also introduced to attractive job and internship opportunities from DAT Group.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Luu Hoang Minh, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Electrical – Electronics and Telecommunications, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, stated, “The labor market in the automation industry in Vietnam is experiencing significant fluctuations and strong development, especially in the context of rapidly changing global economics and technology. Therefore, the DAT Group TechTalk 2024 seminar not only brought value to students but also provided lecturers and the university with an objective perspective on market trends, allowing us to improve training programs to enhance quality and stay aligned with practical needs.”

Students actively interact and ask questions to experts

Throughout the seminar, students actively engaged, interacted, and posed numerous questions to experts from DAT Group and Siemens. This proactive and inquisitive spirit significantly contributed to the event’s success.

Representatives from Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport and DAT Group receive flowers and gifts to celebrate the successful collaboration in organizing the event

To date, DAT Group has established its reputation as a trusted employer in the industrial automation and renewable energy sectors. Recently, at the “Employer of Choice 2023” award ceremony, DAT Group was honored as the Top 2 Most Favorite Employer in the electrical industry.

To demonstrate this trust and high regard, DAT Group will continue to organize more useful seminars and events for future key human resources, with the expectation of contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s economy and society.

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