Integrating controller system

Integrated systems design with the reliability and safely control

The quality of control solutions designed by DAT has been verified by more than 10,000 customers in reliability, safely over the past 15 years. The experts and engineer team with experiences and enthusiastic of DAT will find the need of customer before giving optimize control solution, help enterprise reduce the cost and increase the investment efficiency.

Provide solution for most industrial sectors

DAT is the famous company which provides, designs, installs, applies and consults industrial electrical panel solutions for electric driver machines systems, process control and enegry saving solutions in the following industries:

  • Automation control inverter cabinet: Designing cabinet control  pressure  for  multi  pumps system, fan control cabinet in ventilation systems, vacuum cleaner systems, fire extinguisher, compressor control cabinet, mill machines, extruder machines , mixer machines… by using INVT inverters and sensors.
  • PLC, HMI control panel: cabinet for mixer systems, robotic arms…

Customer completely master the control technology

DAT not only provides solutions, we have a team of engineers available 24/24 to support customer, together with professional after-sale service. Working with DAT, customer not only feel assured with the good operation but also master the control technology. We provide equivalent replacement component with reasonable price, help enterprise reduce human resource cost, reduce import waiting time with expensive cost when replacing equipment or maintenance.

Besides creating the optimal control solution, to bring the highest satisfaction to customers, DAT also focuses on investing in high-end equipment in the electrical cabinets. Materials are selected from the world’s leading brands, cabinets are designed thick, bearing force, waterproof and dust and have anti-rust paint.

Here are some pictures of the electrical cabinet system that DAT has done:

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