Upgrade and improve Technology

Automation plays an important role in production and business activities. When the needs of the market are increasing, the innovation of control technology is inevitable for many businesses. However, instead of having to invest in a whole new system that costs a lot of money, businesses choose to upgrade their machines by innovating control solutions.

Over 15 years of experience in the field of Automation, DAT has researched and provided control solutions to upgrade and improve technology for machines of most production fields. Control solutions provided by DAT help customer systems:

  • Smooth start, avoid the impact of the starting current, help protect the mechanical system, improve the life of the motor.
  • Save power consumption, improve system performance.
  • Easy to control motor speed, produce uniform, beautiful finished products, stable production quality.
  • Stable operation, reducing maintenance costs.

Effective control solutions of DAT have been successfully applied by more than 10,000 DAT customers.

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