Warranty – Maintaince

DAT appreciate customer’s trust when choosing our product. Warranty policy – after-sales service in DAT is built base on commitment that bring rights and values to customer.

Increased warranty time for all INVT products:

In case of your products you get the faults and have to guarantee, DAT is committed to protect customers with the following policy and warranty:

  • Change 100% new product for PLC, HMI, Servo and power inverter ≤ 2.2 kW, capacity of ≥ 4 kW will be replaced by original parts of INVT.
  • Extended warranty time for INVT products

Specifically, the warranty time for all equipment and materials of INVT is committed as follows:

Product Groups
Warranty period
Low voltage inverter
GD5000 medium voltage inverter
BPJ1 explosion-proof inverter
DBU Dynamic Braking Units
RBU regenerative brake unit
Inductor Reactor
EC3000 – Integrated elevator control system
EC20 Elevator Door Controller
Elevator accessories

24-hour service and warranty center

  • All products made by DAT which in the warranty time, if it has technical error, will be free warranty / repair / replacement board and components
  • The warranty period is calculated from the time of delivery (on the bill / delivery note) plus 3 months more from the time of warranty.
  • When the product is guaranteed by replacing the equivalent product. The remaining warranty time of old product will be transferred to the equivalent product
    Make sure the customer system is non-stop
  • During the time of operate, if the inverter have trouble, our company will send engineer to factory to check and fix the problem as soon as possible. In case of we have to bring inverter for inspection, repair and customer need it urgently, our company will lend inverter to customer during the time waiting for warranty. In addition, DAT receives maintenance, periodic maintenance for the INVT inverter
  • After using the inverter for a long time, dust will stick to the cooling fan and cover the ventilation slots of the inverter. If the customer requests, the company will send engineers to the factory to conduct maintenance and inspection (clean dust, water, grease and add thermal paste to the components), also re-check the technical specification, make sure the inverter work stable.

If you need warranty, repair or other technical support, please contact INVT Service Center in Vietnam at the following address or telephone number.

INVT Service Center in Viet Nam

Address: B163 Nguyen Van Qua Str., Dong Hung Thuan Ward, Dist. 12, HCMC, Vietnam
Hotline: 1800 6567 or (08) 37 157 567 – Ext: 24
Email: [email protected]

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