The Most Popular INVT VFD Series Today (Updated 2023)

INVT VFD is manufactured by INVT company – a brand that has been present in Vietnam for over 17 years and is one of the most commonly used variable frequency drives with a top-ranking sales volume in market. More than 10,000 customers have placed their trust and high evaluations in quality of INVT VFDs, prompt and dedicated services, and safety when using.

INVT is one of world’s leading technology conglomerates in the fields of VFDs, automation, renewable energy, robotics, control systems for high-speed electric trains, electric vehicles, and intelligent charging stations for electric vehicles. With solutions and products that meet international quality standards such as CE and UL, and certified by TÜV SÜD system, INVT is gradually asserting its position in global technology arena.

Always placing emphasis on research and development, INVT has 12 research centers with over 850 R&D engineers, 900 patents, and software copyrights. INVT products are widely trusted and used in more than 110 countries and territories.


INVT VFD product system is diverse and spans across all power levels and voltage ranges, from low voltage to medium voltage, explosion-proof. In addition to common versatile VFD series, INVT also offers various specialized VFD series tailored to specific needs of different industries.

INVT VFD product system
1. Versatile INVT VFDs
 1.1. New Generation Versatile INVT VFD – GD20
1.2. New Generation Versatile INVT VFD – GD200A
1.3. Premium High-Performance Open-Loop INVT VFD – GD300
1.4. Closed-Loop Vector Control INVT VFD – GD35
1.5. Intelligent Super VFD INVT – GD350
1.6. Industrial INVT VFD – GD800

2. Specialized Low-Voltage VFDs
  2.1. INVT VFD Single Phase Input 220V, Three Phase Output 380V – GD200A-S24
  2.2. Tension Control Specialized INVT VFD – GD35-07
  2.3. Rotary Knife Control Specialized INVT VFD – GD35-09
  2.4. Air Compressor Control Specialized INVT VFD – GD300-01
  2.5. Textile Industry Specialized INVT VFD – GD300-02
2.6. HVAC Industry Specialized INVT VFD – GD300-16
2.7. Veneer Peeling (Wood Debarking) Specialized INVT VFD – GD12

3. Medium Voltage & Explosion-Proof INVT VFDs
  3.1. BPJ1 Explosion-Proof VFD
  3.1. GD5000 Medium Voltage VFD
4. Why Choose INVT VFDs?

Versatile INVT VFDs

1. New Generation Versatile INVT VFD – GD20

GD20 series is a versatile open-loop VFD, compact and user-friendly, with outstanding capabilities to meet majority of basic applications.

Power Range:

  • 1P 220V: 0.75–4kW
  • 3P 380V: 0.75-110kW

Applications: Packaging machines, labeling machines, bottle sealing machines, candle making machines, conveyors, food processing machines, ventilation fans, pumps, air compressors, centrifuges, packaging printing machines, extruders, and more.


2. New Generation Versatile INVT VFD – GD200A

GD200A series is a new generation multi-purpose VFD designed for both constant torque (G-load) and variable torque (Pump/Fan-load) applications. GD200A features a robust and durable design, suitable for operation in harsh environmental conditions. It can operate on both AC and DC power sources.

Power Range:

  • 3P 220V: 0.75-55kW
  • 3P 380V: 0.75-500kW (expandable up to 3000kW)

Applications: Steel drawing machines, crane systems, blowers, crushers, rolling machines, pulling machines, paper cutting machines, film coating machines, fiber production machines, plastic and textile machinery, dyeing and finishing, food processing, aquaculture, packaging, lifting, air compressors, pumps, fans, and more.


3. Premium High-Performance Open-Loop INVT VFD – GD300

GD300 series is a premium high-inertia open-loop VFD suitable for both asynchronous and synchronous motors. Featuring DSP signal processing and advanced motor control algorithms, GD300 achieves high performance and rapid response. It stands out with its high reliability, excellent adaptability to different environments, user-friendly interfaces, flexible applications, and stable operation.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 1.5-500kW
  • 3P 660V: 22-630kW

Applications: Permanent magnet synchronous motors, heavy loads such as air compressors, lifting, winding/unwinding, spindle motors, conveyors in mining.


4. Closed-Loop Vector Control INVT VFD – GD35

GD35 series is a high-end closed-loop vector control VFD, offering multiple control modes including speed, position, and torque control with high precision. It satisfies strict requirements for accuracy, torque, and position in systems such as CNC machines, lengthwise cutting machines, and printers.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 1.5-500KW
  • 3P 660V: 22-630kW

Applications: CNC machine tools, wood processing machines, rotary knife cutting machines, high-speed paper cutting machines, synchronous speed control and tension control for winding/unwinding processes.


5. Intelligent Super VFD INVT – GD350

GD350 series is the most advanced intelligent multi-function VFD by INVT, utilizing world-class vector control technology to meet diverse control requirements with high performance. It caters to Industry 4.0 technology demands, enabling remote monitoring and operation with absolute precision and safety.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 1.5-500kW (expandable up to 3000kW)
  • 3P 660V: 22-630kW (expandable up to 3690kW)

Applications: Universal application across all industries, especially for machinery manufacturers and system integrators requiring customized programming for each partner.

Super VFD INVT – GD350

6. Industrial INVT VFD – GD800

GD800 series is an industrial VFD suitable for high-performance large motors, offering durability, easy installation, and maintenance. It is applied in various industries such as metallurgy, ports, lifting, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, construction materials, mining, shipbuilding, paper making, and other industries.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 4-9600kW
  • 3P 660V: 22-12000kW

Applications: Metallurgy, ports, lifting, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, construction materials, mining, shipbuilding, paper making, and other industries.


Specialized Low-Voltage VFDs

1. INVT VFD Single Phase Input 220V, Three Phase Output 380V – GD200A-S24

GD200A-S24 series is a dedicated variable frequency drive designed for 3-phase 380V motor control in locations with only single-phase 220V power supply. It operates with simplicity, durability, and stability even in cases of voltage drops or fluctuations.

Power Range:

  • 1P 220V: 7.5-15kW (Expandable upon request)

Applications: Used widely in applications such as meat grinding, oxygen fans for shrimp farming, various grinding and crushing machines, food processing machines, conveyors, and wood processing machinery.

GD200A-S24 VFD

2. Tension Control Specialized INVT VFD – GD35-07

GD35-07 series is a closed-loop vector control variable frequency drive specifically designed for controlling tension in winding and unwinding processes.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 1.5-75kW

Applications:  Synchronous speed and tension control for winding and unwinding, fabric finishing technology, metal sheet coating, wire and cable, thin film, printing machines, paper machines, JIGGER machines, and more.

GD35-07 VFD

3. Rotary Knife Control Specialized INVT VFD – GD35-09

GD35-09 series is a dedicated variable frequency drive integrated with control functions for high-speed rotary knife cutting applications in carton packaging plants. It ensures precise cutting, high response speed, uniform and beautiful products, no waste, and high production efficiency.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 1.5-500kW

Applications: Used in carton packaging industry for continuous cutting of products at a fixed length.

GD35-09 VFD

4. Air Compressor Control Specialized INVT VFD – GD300-01

GD300-01 series is a premium variable frequency drive designed specifically for air compressor control. With a rugged design and flexible specialized control functions, GD300-01 is suitable for various working environments and different types of air compressors.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 18.5-315 kW

Applications: GD300-01 is uniquely designed for air compressor control.

GD300-01 VFD

5. Textile Industry Specialized INVT VFD – GD300-02

GD300-02 series is a high-end open-loop variable frequency drive specifically designed for textile industry, capable of withstanding dust, high temperatures, and controlling multiple motors with aluminum heat sinks replacing fans.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 7.5-55kW

Applications: Used in textile factories and areas with dust and high temperatures.

GD300-02 VFD

6. HVAC Industry Specialized INVT VFD – GD300-16

GD300-16 series is a fully-featured variable frequency drive with a wide power range suitable for HVAC system requirements and applications. GD300-16 can be widely used in heating and alternate pumping control in water supply systems.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 4-132kW

Applications: HVAC systems, pressure regulation in water supply stations for high-rise buildings, city water supply stations, water treatment plants, multi-pump aeration systems for shrimp farming, soft starts for flour mills.

GD300-16 VFD

7. Veneer Peeling (Wood Debarking) Specialized INVT VFD – GD12

GD12 series is a specialized VFD for controlling plywood production. It facilitates easy adjustment of thickness, length, and cutting speed, enhancing production efficiency for plywood manufacturers.

Power Range:

  • 3P 380V: 4-15kW

Applications: Used in plywood production with cutting and non-cutting mechanisms.


Medium Voltage & Explosion-Proof INVT VFDs

1. BPJ1 Explosion-Proof VFD

BPJ1 explosion-proof VFD is designed for use in environments with flammable gases, combustible dust, prevalent in mining industry. This includes applications such as conveyors, slurry pumps, fans, hoists, water pumps, coal loaders, and various mining machinery.

Power Range:


  • 3P 600V: 55-400kW
  • 3P 1140V: 90-630kW


  • 3P 600V: 185-315kW
  • 3P 1140V: 250-400kW

Applications: Used in mining equipment, including conveyors, slurry pumps, fans, hoists, water pumps, coal loaders, and mining machinery.

BPJ1 Explosion-Proof VFD

2. GD5000 Medium Voltage VFD

GD5000 utilizes advanced series power supply technology and space vector PWM control for high-precision speed control, fast response, and specialized features for medium voltage motors.

Power Range:

  • 3P 3.3kV: 185-2240kW
  • 3P 6kV: 185-6000kW
  • 3P 10kV: 220-10000kW

Applications: Control of high-power motors in heavy industrial applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, and rolling mills in sectors like cement, steel, mining, wood processing, oil drilling, large pump stations, high-pressure compressors.

GD5000 Medium Voltage VFD


In current market, there are various VFD brands with different origins like Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Emerson – Control Techniques, Danfoss, Rockwell, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi, Delta, LS… For Vietnam enterprises, apart from quality, stability, and responsiveness, factors like service quality, pricing, and suitability are crucial for VFD selection.

So, why have over 10,000 businesses in Vietnam chosen INVT VFDs?

  • Trusted brand, durable and stable product quality, versatile across a range of VFD series from basic to high-end.
  • Affordable pricing: INVT VFDs are widely acclaimed as high-quality products that yield significantly higher profits compared to initial investment costs. INVT VFDs stand out in terms of quality and features in their respective segments.
  • Wide power range, versatile features: INVT VFDs cover power ranges from 0.2-10,000 kW, suitable for all types of motors with features ranging from basic to advanced. No matter your industry, INVT will have a VFD model that fits your factory’s scale, requirements, and technical specifications.
  • D=Swift services, long-term warranty: In Vietnam market, INVT VFDs are distributed by DAT Group with 2 service centers located in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, providing 24/7 technical support to ensure stable and efficient operation. INVT VFD products are covered by a 2-year warranty and lifetime support at DAT.

Currently, there are multiple INVT product distributors in Vietnam market. However, INVT asserts that only when customers purchase genuine INVT products from DAT and DAT’s authorized partners will they be eligible for genuine product warranty policy. Additionally, customers can rely on value ecosystem of DAT.


DAT Group takes pride in being a leading provider of products, solutions, and services in the fields of automation, elevator control, solar energy, and ESS in Vietnam market.

  • Over 17 years of experience in developing automation solutions. Over 500,000 products sold and serving more than 10,000 customers nationwide.
  • A team of over 400 talented and experienced engineers.
  • A large VFD inventory with up to 1000kW , supported by a nationwide technical service network for fast delivery and cost-effective support.
  • Flexible processing procedure: “Replace first, process later”
  • DAT is a comprehensive strategic partner with INVT, involved from research, testing, product introduction to market.
  • Optimizing processes, solutions, and services through deep understanding and mastery of technology.
  • DAT provides customers with technical training, technology insights, and advice for machinery upgrade and improvement.

For more detailed information, please visit www.dattech.com.vn and call HOTLINE 1800 6567 (toll-free).