GD300-01 Air Compressor VFD

Goodrive300-01 series drives special for air compressor are developed on the base of Goodrive300 drives and it integrates the traditional PLC logic control of air compressor system in the drive. After the comprehensive solution of the drive and touch screen, the logic control of air compressor system and temperature control of air supply at constant pressure are available.

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Brand: INVT Warranty: 24 months
Specifications Parameter
Input Input voltage (V)  3P, 380 V, 4kW-500kW
Input frequency (Hz)  47~63Hz
Output Output voltage (V)  0~input voltage
Output frequency (Hz)  0~400Hz
Motor type Asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor
Technical control performance Starting torque Asynchronous motor:0.25Hz/150%(SVC) Synchronous motor:2.5Hz/150%(SVC)
Control mode  Vectorzie V/F, Sensorless vector (SVC), Torque control.
Speed ratio Asynchrons motor 1:200(SVC), synchronous motor 1:20(SVC)
Overload capacity 1m for 150% of rated current,10s for 180% of rated current, 1s for 200% of rated current
Speed control precision  ± 0.2% (SVC), Speed fluctuation ± 0.3% (SVC)
Torque response < 20ms (SVC)
Torque control precision 10% (SVC).

Frequency setup mode

Digital, analog, pulse frequency, multi-step operation, simple PLC, PID, MODBUS communication, realize the switching between setup combination and setup channel.
Speed tracking restart function Realize impact-free smooth starting of the rotating motor
Filter  C2, C3
Brake unit Built-in for 380V 30kW and below models, optional if otherwise
 Communication  Modbus RTU, Profibus, Canbus, Ethernet.
Đặc điểm I/O
(Tất cả các ngõ vào/ra đều có thể lập trình được , có TIMER cài đặt thời gian tác động)
Digital input 8 normal inputs, max frequency is 1kHz, internal impedance is 3.3kΩ, one high speed input, max frequency is 50kHz
Pulse input 01 high frequency pulse receiving input, support both PNP and NPN.
Analog input Two (AI1, AI2)0~10V/0~20mA, one (AI3)-10~10V
Anlog output Two(AO1、AO2)0~10V /0~20mA
Relay output 1A/DC30V Two NO programmable relay outputs, two NO/NC programmable relay outputs, contact capacity: 3A/AC250V
Open collector output Open colector output: HDO output (ON – OFF output or high frequency pulse output) and 1 extreme open collector output.
Protection level IP20  
Others Self-voltage stabilization function (AVR) Automatically stabilizes the output voltage when the supply voltage fluctuates abnormally.
Power saving function The function automatically saves electricity when the engine is overloaded
Increase engine power factor.
Functions dedicated to the textile industry The cycling speed control changes to the reel.
 Timer, counter function Integrated timer and counter timer to suit different applications ..
Load balancing function When multiple motors are pulling the same load, this function helps balance the distributed load across the motors by reducing the speed down based on the increased value of the load.
Torque compensation function Increase the V / F control torque characteristic when the motor works at low speed.
Brake control function Dynamic brake, excitation brake, DC brake
Functions help the system to operate continuously Automatically reset the error according to preset times and times
Maintains operation during transient power outages and wide operating voltage range suitable for flickering power locations.
Function of inspection and supervision Connect a computer to monitor the operation as well as set parameters for the inverter thanks to software INVT studio V1.0, HCM.


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1. Controls and protections through the touch screen and inverter
2. Up to 0.25Hz/150% starting torque(Asychronous motor); 2.5Hz/150%
starting torque (Synchronous motor)
3. Dual variable frequency( master variable + fan variable frequency)
to ensure the constant pressure, voltage and temperature
4. Intelligent hibernation and wake up control, obvious energy saving effect
and reduced equipment loss
5. Visualization control to set the inverter and protection parameters through
the touch screen directly and periodic maintenance.
6. Multi-level password protection to avoid unauthorized operation
Compressor (synchronous and asynchronous).


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GD300-01 Air Compressor VFD