GD300-16 – Series HVAC Special Inverter

GD300-16 special inverters for HVAC are developed according to HVAC applicationfeatures and control requirements, and can be widely used in heating and water supply. Many special functions are developed on the basic industry applications and the energy saving is efficient.

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Brand: INVT Warranty: 24 Months
Function Specification
Power input Input voltage (V) AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V(+10%)
Input current (A) See rated value
Input frequency (Hz) 50Hz or 60Hz
Permissible range: 47~63Hz
Power output Output voltage (V) 0 ~ input voltage
Output frequency (Hz) 0~400Hz
Interface function Control mode SVPWM, SVC
Max output frequency 400Hz
Speed ratio Open loop vector 1:100
Speed control precision ±0.2% (Flux vector control without PG)
Speed fluctuation ± 0.3% (Flux vector control without PG)
Torque response <20ms (Flux vector control without PG)
Starting torque 0.3Hz 150% (Flux vector control without PG)
Overload capacity G model: 150% of rated current: 60s;
180% of rated current: 10s;
200% of rated current: 1s;
P model: 120% of rated current: 60s;
Analog input Three (AI1, AI2)0~10V/0~20mA; (A3)-10~+10V
Analog output Two (AO1, AO2)0~10V /0~20mA
Digital input Eight common ports, max frequency: 1kHz, (PNP or NPN),internal resistance: 3.3kΩ;
One high speed input, max frequency: 50kHz
High speed pulse input One high speed input, max frequency: 50kHz
Digital output One Y terminal output, switch capacity: 50mA/30V, max frequency: 1kHz
High frequency pulse output One high speed output, switch capacity: 50mA/30V, max frequency: 50kHz
Relay output Two programmable relay output
RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C common port
RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C common port
Switch capacity: 3A/AC250V,1A/DC30V
Extend six relay outputs at most;
Communication 485 interface is standard configuration, support RTU protocol
Communication extension card interface Support BACnet, PROFIBUS DP, CANopen and DeviceNet
Relay extension card Six programmable relay outputs, NO
Others Installation mode Support wall-type and flange-type installation
Ambient temp -10~50℃, derate if the ambient temp is above 40℃
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 2 years (25℃ room temp)
Protection level IP20
Safety EC standard
Cooling mode Air cooling
DC reactor Non-optional for 30kW and below models, optional for 37kW and above models
EMC filter Built-in C3 filter, meet IEC61800-3 C3 requirement, C2 filter fulfilling IEC61800-3 C2 requirement is optional
Protection function Protection against incidents such as over current, high voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase loss, phase difference, output line breakage, overload etc.


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1.Smart logic Controller and 2 × PID
2.Integrated Fan, Pump and Compressor Functionality
3.Fire Override Mode, Dry Run Detection, Constant Torque
4.Sleep and Wake up control to save energy
5.Real-time clock
6.Several pump control to extend the service life of pump
7.Standard C3 filters, CE and UL/cUL

Constant pressure water supply of the high-rise building and the home of multi-storey buildings, and the city concentrated water supply, gas supply, the water treatment, and the water supply pump station


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GD300-16 – Series HVAC Special Inverter