GD12 – Dedicated drive that controls Plywood machine

GD12 is a dedicated drive for plywood machine control application. The product helps to easily adjust plywood thickness, length and precise cutting speed, improving production efficiency for plywood manufacturers.

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Brand: INVT Warranty: 24 months
Specifications Parameter
 Input Input voltage (V)  3PH AC 380V (-15%) ~440V (+10%)
Input current See rated value
Input frequency (Hz) 50/60 (Hz), permissible frequency range: 47 ~ 63 (Hz)
 Output Output voltage (V)  0 ~ output voltage
Output current (A) See rated value
Output power (kW) See rated value
Output frequency (Hz)  0~400Hz
Specifications Control mode  SVPWM, SVC, VC
 Motor Asynchronous Motor And Synchronous Motor
Speed ratio Asynchronous motor 1:200 (SVC), permanent magnet synchronous motor 1:20 (SVC)
Speed control precision  ±0,2% (SVC), ±0.02% (VC)
Speed fluctuation  ±0,3% (SVC)
Torque response  <20ms(SVC), <10 ms (VC)
Precise controls  10% (SVC), 5% (VC)
Starting torque Asynchronous motor: 0.25Hz/150% (SVC)Permanent magnet synchronous motor: 2.5Hz/150% (SVC)
Overload capacity 60s for 150% rated current; 10s for 180% of rated current; 1s for 200% of rated current
Thickness error  ±2%
Plate length error  <5mm
I/O Input analog resolution  ≤ 20mv
Digital input resolution  ≤ 2ms
Analog input  3 inputs, (AI1, AI2) :0-10V/0-20mA; (AI3):-10-+10V
Analog output  2 outputs (AO1, AO2) : 0-10V/0-20mA
Digital input 8 regular inputs S1-S8, maximum frequency 1 kHz
1 HDI high-speed pulse input, maximum frequency 50 kHz
Digital output  1 output Open Collector Y1
1 output of high speed HDO pulse, up to 50kHz
Relay output 2 relay outputs:
RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C Common
RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C Common
Load capacity: 3A / AC250V, 1AD / DC30V
 Encoder  Encoder ABZ 24VDC mounted on lead screw or motor
 Others IP  IP20
Installation support wall hanging and hidden walls
Working temperature -10–50 ° C, normal working temperature: 40 ° C
Cooling mode Air-cooled
Dynamic brakes  Integrate with 380V (below 30kW) inverter.
Optional for the rest of the inverter
EMC filter C3, C2
Specialized specifications for veneer machines  Support dedicated functional parameters for veneer machines:
• The inverter can set the required parameters to operate correctly and accurately with the machine such as: speed, diameter, distance between 2 rollers, cutting thickness, screw pitch …
• The inverter has a group of encoder monitoring functions or specialized parameters such as: current wood core diameter, current tool table displacement, wood cutting length, cutting time 1 plate…
• The inverter has the function of using a lever for 4 positions to control the knife table, limit the screw stroke, receive the alarm sensor signal to return according to the actual system.
• In addition, the inverter can also set the running command and the speed of the cutter if the system uses a cutter and the plate cutting length is accurate with an error of <5mm, the product thickness is correct with an error of ± 2%.


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• Power range: 3P, 380V, 5.5kW – 500kW.

• The system works well and stably with large and small wood diameters.

• The GD12 inverter can control AM and PM motors, helping the system operate smoothly in quick start, stop and instant reversal.

• Do not use PLC or any other circuit board.

• Precise thickness control with error below 2%, sheet length error less than 5mm.

• GD12 has high overload capacity.

• High reliability with optimal cooling design, C3 filter, works well in both high temperature, low temperature and overvoltage conditions.


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GD12 – Dedicated drive that controls Plywood machine