DAT Group announces discontinuation schedule of CHF100A VFD series, to be replaced by GD20/GD200A VFD series

Dear Valued Customers,

First and foremost, DAT Group would like to sincerely thank you for your continued trust, support, and partnership in using INVT and DAT products and services.

INVT is an international high-tech group with 12 research centers, over 750 R&D engineers, and 9 modern manufacturing plants. It operates in various fields, including VFDs – automation, solar energy, intelligent elevator control, robot systems, electric vehicle control, high-speed electric trains, and intelligent charging systems for electric vehicles. INVT products are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide and are highly regarded for their reputation, quality, and cutting-edge technology. As official representative of INVT in Vietnam, DAT is committed to providing valuable products, solutions, and services to meet expectations of all customers.

Over years, CHF100A series has been one of INVT’s versatile VFD lines, trusted and highly valued by customers around world for its quality and stability. However, with its technology platform dating back over 10 years,  CHF100A series has gradually struggled to meet increasingly advanced technological and production requirements of today’s industry. In line with development of Industry 4.0 and continuous innovation, incorporating new global trends, INVT has researched and developed new-generation GD20 and GD200A VFDs series under principle of “Good Today, Better Tomorrow.” These new series offer superior quality, stability, performance, and a range of new features that surpass previous CHF100A series.

After more than 3 years of development and market introduction, new-generation GD20 and GD200A VFDs from INVT have been widely accepted and highly praised by customers worldwide. These VFDs not only serve as perfect replacements for CHF100A series in all applications but also provide better support to customers in enhancing production efficiency and adopting latest control technologies. To date, a majority of customers worldwide have chosen to prioritize use of GD20 and GD200A, resulting in significantly higher order volumes compared to the CHF100A series. As a result, INVT has decided to cease production of CHF100A series from January 1, 2019.

INVT hereby announces the discontinuation schedule of the CHF100A series as follows:


With a professional team of over 400 employees and engineers, along with an extensive network of branches, technical service centers, large warehouses, and strategic partner channels nationwide, DAT-INVT is committed to providing the best 24/7 service to all valued customers.

INVT and DAT sincerely thank you for your trust and support. We are committed to a productive partnership and look forward to continuing our successful and long-term cooperation with you.

We appreciate your understanding and wish you good health and prosperity.

Download the discontinuation announcement letter for CHF100A series (signed) here!