DAT Group and the milestones achieved at VIMF Bac Ninh 2023

During the 3 days from November 8th to 10th, DAT Group made a strong impression at VIMF Bac Ninh 2023 with outstanding products, solutions, and a series of valuable specialized consultations for visitors.

DAT Group booth attracted a large number of visitors

Participating in VIMF Bac Ninh 2023 – a reputable international exhibition in the industry and manufacturing sector within the business community across Asia, the DAT Group booth with the theme “DAT Group – Your Partner Solution for Industrial Automation and Sustainable Energy” quickly attracted thousands of visitors to explore and experience.

The DAT Group booth attracted a large number of visitors.

The DAT Group booth was impressively designed with two exhibition areas showcasing products and solutions in the fields of industrial automation and renewable energy. These are two key areas that DAT Group has been tirelessly developing and researching to create a comprehensive ecosystem over the past 17 years, helping to increase efficiency and bring optimal benefits to over 10,000 businesses in Vietnam. Additionally, the booth stood out with a model of the DAT Group office building placed at the center, clearly demonstrating the stature and solid development journey of DAT Group.

The experts at DAT Group provide dedicated support to customers

Under the detailed and attentive guidance of experienced experts, visitors to the DAT Group booth can easily access superior products, solutions, and stay updated on the latest advancements in current cutting-edge technologies. DAT Group’s experts also advise on specialized ways to support businesses in optimizing costs, enhancing machinery system efficiency, saving energy, and elevating their “green” branding. This ensures meeting the diverse practical needs of customers across various industries seeking solutions at the event.

The leading role of DAT Group as a solution partner is affirmed

DAT Group is currently a strategic partner of global brands such as INVT, Siemens, GEAT, Canadian Solar, Sungrow, Sokoyo, Pylontech, GoodWe… while also owning three service centers and large warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Can Tho. This enables DAT Group to have the capability to supply equipment quickly and timely in large quantities. Additionally, with a team of over 350 staff, of which over 50% are application engineers, always accompanying and supporting customers, DAT Group stands out in the market.

Mr. Tieu Van Dat – CEO of DAT Group emphasizes: “With a solid foundation from a comprehensive value ecosystem, DAT Group is always ready to solve the challenges that businesses are facing on the path towards the global industrial revolution. DAT Group is committed to becoming a reliable partner in industrial automation and renewable energy solutions for all customers, partners accompanying us.”

At the event, DAT Group brings many solution demos for industrial automation and directly guides customers through the experience. Through this, customers can visually perceive the superiority and effectiveness of solutions such as: IT and OT integrated solutions, Industrial Edge solutions for machine performance management, motor health monitoring solutions, flying knife/flying saw machine control solutions meeting requirements for high flexibility and accuracy… These solutions not only help businesses increase productivity but also reduce costs during operation.

Customers can directly experience DAT Group’s solution demos

With the goal of aligning with the government’s initiative to achieve “0” Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050 and promoting the renewable energy industry, DAT Group introduces cutting-edge solutions that meet stringent standards when participating in the global supply chain. These solutions include: Hybrid solar power and energy storage system (Hybrid – ESS) solutions with intelligent charging/discharging mechanisms to save monthly electricity costs, smart urban traffic lighting solutions using solar-powered lights combined with IoT monitoring…

The diverse product ecosystem that DAT Group brings to VIMF Bac Ninh 2023

In addition to solutions, the DAT Group booth also showcases a high-quality product ecosystem capable of meeting basic to advanced needs, providing a wide range of choices for customers.

By successfully connecting and disseminating value to a wide range of visitors at VIMF Bac Ninh 2023, DAT Group hopes to contribute to promoting businesses’ adoption of new technologies for sustainable development and increasing value for the community.

Contact the hotline at 1800 6567 (toll-free) to receive quick advice and support from DAT Group.