DAT Group is officially a Global Partner of Siemens

Since January 2024, DAT Group has officially achieved certification as an Approved Partner – Value Added Reseller (Global Partner) of Siemens in the field of Factory Automation, marking a significant milestone in the effective cooperation between the two parties.

Currently, there are approximately 253 partners in over 45 countries certified by Siemens as Approved Partners – Value Added Resellers. With this new collaborative position, DAT Group will receive expanded and advanced support from Siemens.


View details of the Approved Partner – Value Added Reseller Certification

Accordingly, Siemens provides DAT Group with a comprehensive range of products in the automation technology, drive technology, and switching technology categories, along with special software offers. Siemens also ensures prompt delivery and enhances product consultation, in-depth technical support, and additional services to help DAT Group further enhance its advantages and better meet the needs of customers in Vietnam.

Based on the foundation of experience and value ecosystem, DAT Group has successfully assisted thousands of businesses in implementing breakthrough factory automation projects that significantly enhance performance and energy-saving capabilities. Elevating the cooperation with Siemens in a short period not only showcases DAT Group’s clear capabilities but also reaffirms DAT Group’s strong commitment to continually increasing efficiency and delivering optimal value to customers and partners.

By leveraging the strengths, knowledge, and resources of both parties, DAT Group ensures optimization capabilities, superior service, experiences, and rapid problem-solving both before and after sales to provide maximum benefits to customers. Therefore, whether it’s specific needs or customized Siemens product solution packages, customers can trust DAT Group as their reliable choice.

Rest assured in choosing genuine Siemens products here https://dattech.com.vn/san-pham/siemens/ and enjoy the myriad assurances from DAT Group’s superior support policies. For quick consultation and answers to any inquiries, please contact the toll-free hotline 1800 6567 .