Special Features of GD5000 Medium Voltage Inverter

GD5000 is a new generation medium-voltage inverter produced by the INVT technology group, featuring many specialized features for medium-voltage motors. The GD5000 inverter applies a series power unit technique, combining 3-core DSP+PFGA+ARM technology for control systems and the most advanced SVPWM space vector control technology for highly accurate speed control results.

GD5000 medium-voltage inverter

Notable Features of GD5000:

1. Diverse control modes:

  • V/F Control
  • Open-loop vector control
  • Closed-loop vector control

2. Control of multiple motor types:

Can control both synchronous and asynchronous motors, easily switchable between the two by changing settings.

3. Four-quadrant control:

  • IGBT flow control and energy regeneration technology
  • Large power regeneration capability.
  • Independent flow control and inverter control.
  • Each power unit independently locks phase.
  • Strong adaptability to power grid fluctuations.

4. LVRT – Low Voltage Ride Through operation:

– Strong capability to resist power grid fluctuations.

  • Operates between 85%-110% of full load output
  • Operates between 65%-85% in reduced load mode.
  • Operates between 110%-120% in overload mode

– Continues to run even during power grid loss for 1s to 5s.

5. Speed tracking function:

Motor speed tracking function and recovery of running status in both dynamic and static modes.

6. Bypass Unit Functionality:

– Parallel Bypass:

  • In case of a unit failure, the bypass system activates a group of parallel units to maintain operational status.
  • Applicable in conditions where operational conditions are favorable.
  • Retains 60% of the remaining power capacity after bypassing two parallel unit groups.
– Neutral Point Bypass:

  • When one unit fails, the bypass system redirects power around the faulty unit, maintaining the operation of other parallel units using advanced algorithms.
  • Applicable in conditions where operational conditions are not optimal.
  • Retains 87% of the remaining power capacity after bypassing two units per phase.
7. Low-frequency control function:

  • Advanced technology for recovering dead frequency zones.
  • Low-frequency waveform close to sine wave.
  • Optimization algorithm to eliminate low-frequency motor cogging.
8. Master-Slave control:

  • Master-slave control mode for up to 8 motors.
  • Flexible connection in master-slave control.
  • System continues to operate after inverter failure (even if master inverter fails).
  • Faulty inverter can automatically re-enter the system after the fault is cleared.

9. Outstanding Braking Performance:

– Electromagnetic Braking Technology:

Suitable for abrupt stopping applications or applications where external rotational force impacts the load before starting.

– Dual-frequency Braking Technology:

Capable of generating powerful torque, significantly reducing stopping time, suitable for short braking periods.

10. Flexible expansion design:

  • 8 digital input channels.
  • 8 digital output channels.
  • 3 analog input channels.
  • 4 analog output channels.
  • 1 high-speed input channel.
  • 1 high-speed output channel.
  • MODBUS communication standard, with 485 port support.
  • PROFIBUS-DP support (optional).
  • Ethernet support (optional).

11. Flexible switching:

  • Flexible switching between grid power and inverter power.
  • Low current impact during switching.

12. User-Friendly Operation Interface:

– Large Storage Memory:

Records the status of the unit, the inverter, error logs, and stores waveform charts.

– Error History Logging Function:

Automatically stores current, voltage, and other parameters when the inverter encounters an error during operation, storing the current waveform, accessible via PC software for accurate analysis of the cause of the malfunction.

13. Other functions:

  • Support for password restriction function.
  • Improved braking response.
  • Strong overload capacity: 120% for 2 minutes, 150% for 5 seconds, 200% with instant protection.
  • Full-load efficiency ≥ 96%.
  • Input power factor at full load ≥ 0.97.
  • Input and output current and voltage THD<2%.

Diverse Applications in Industry:

The GD5000 medium-voltage inverter is a versatile product suitable for various industrial applications. It is commonly used in heavy industries such as:

Thermal Power

Forced Draft Fans (FD), Induced Draft Fans (ID), Primary Fans, Secondary Fans, Water Pumps, Circulation Pumps, System Pumps

Mining Operations

Coal Conveyors, Hoists, Air Compressors, Air Blowers, Suction Pumps, Main Fans

Metallurgical Industry

High Furnace Blowers, Roaster Blowers, Circulating Pumps, Dust Extraction Fans, Rolling Mill Shafts

Petrochemical Industry

Main Pipeline Pumps, Oil Well Pumps, Intermediate Pumps

Cement Industry:

Hot Air Fans, Dust Collection Fans, Ball Mills, Grinding Shafts

Water Supply

Submersible Pumps, Clean Water Pumps, Wastewater Pumps, Oxygen Blowers

Chemical Industry

Nitrogen Compressors, Gas Blowers, Circulation Pumps, CO2 Compressors

Other Industries

Paper Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Fans, Pumps, Sugar Cane Industry: Cutting Knives, Press Shafts

Currently, DAT has successfully applied the GD5000 medium-voltage inverter to various clients, such as controlling coal hoist and conveyor systems at Công ty than Quang Hanh – Quảng Ninh, controlling the speed of Venturi fans – Công Ty Thép Hòa Phát… DAT is the sole distributor in Vietnam to distribute INVT inverters GD5000 with the necessary qualifications to receive the genuine product warranty policy from INVT. In addition to ensuring product quality, DAT also researches specialized solutions to help optimize the efficiency of customer projects.

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