DA200-ECAM INVT servo has been successfully applied to the flying knife cutting machine

DA200 is a high-performance versatile AC servo series by INVT, designed for systems that demand high efficiency, quick responsiveness, and precise control over position, speed, and tension. Particularly noteworthy is its ECAM feature, with a CAM profile capacity of up to 1000 points. DA200 servo proves to be the perfect solution for applications such as rotary knife cutting, flying knife cutting, and flying sawing…

Recently, DAT successfully implemented a control solution using the integrated ECAM feature of the DA200 servo, enabling Saigon Machine Company, to manufacture a flying knife cutting machine that achieves high precision cutting results at speeds of up to 60m/minute. This solution has eliminated waste entirely and reduced dependence on foreign water suppliers.

Project information

Name of client Saigon Machine Company
Field of activity Steel
Customer’s Issue
  • The existing flying knife cutting machine system operates with frequent start-stop cycles, leading to low productivity.
  • Several domestic entities have attempted to research and develop a control solution for the flying knife cutting machine, but none have achieved success. The machine’s operation remains unstable.
  • User interface is not yet optimized for user experience.
Customer need
  • Design speed needs to meet a requirement of 60m/minute
  • Allowable error is ≤1.5mm.
  • System operates stably.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Utilizing the integrated ECAM feature of the DA200 servo to control the flying knife cutting machine.
Application results
  • Machine runs at high productivity, achieving the designed cutting speed of up to 60m/minute
  • Error margin below 1.0mm at high speed.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Vietnamese interface, easy to operate
  • No longer reliant on foreign experts.
  • DAT provides dedicated technology transfer and training, enabling the machine manufacturer to fully master the technology.
  • 24-month warranty, lifetime maintenance service, and 24/7 technical support.

Solution utilizing DA200-ECAM servo control for flying knife cutting machine from DAT has enabled Saigon Machine Company, a leading company in design and manufacturing of machinery for the steel industry in Vietnam, to enhance its reputation and manufacturing capabilities.

Saigon Machine is one of the top enterprises in designing and producing machinery for Vietnam steel industry. Previously, their flying knife cutting machine faced difficulties due to imported components, lack of timely guidance, and transfer from foreign suppliers, resulting in an unstable control system. Moreover, the global challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year have restricted trade, travel, and transportation worldwide. All of these factors placed Saigon Machine in a critical situation where they urgently needed a domestic supplier capable of providing high-quality products and technical expertise to support the high-performance production of flying knife cutting machines and resolve any arising system issues.

As a loyal customer of DAT, having used INVT products for many years and experienced outstanding services from the DAT ecosystem, Saigon Machine placed full trust in the flying knife cutting machine control solution that utilizes the DA200 servo integrated with DAT’s ECAM feature.

With over 17 years of experience and expertise in automation, DAT successfully completed Saigon Machine’s project in a short period, exceeding expectations. System not only precisely controls position, speed, and tension for high productivity and robust operation but also allows continuous material cutting at running speed of product without the need to stop the production line. System is easily monitored with an intuitive and vivid Vietnamese HMI screen.

Until now, DA200 servo INVT has gained increasing trust and high appreciation from customers due to its exceptional features, helping them save production costs, reduce product costs, and enhance competitiveness in the market.

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