Standing side by side with Dong Phu Company to overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19

Over the past several months, Covid-19 pandemic has posed numerous challenges and disrupted business operations. To adapt to new situation, DAT quickly implemented remote support solutions through online platforms to assist businesses. With careful preparation, once lockdown measures were lifted, DAT successfully improved paper rolling system at Dong Phu Paper Company (Binh Phuoc), optimizing costs, enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing competitiveness in the new normal state.

Project information

Customer’s improvement needs Customer’s Issue Solutions Application results
Paper Rewinding System
  • Control signals are susceptible to interference, making it difficult to accurately transfer them onto  paper, resulting in high waste and inconsistent product quality.
  • Machine operates at a low speed, failing to achieve desired output production rate.
  • It heavily relies on experienced personnel, causing a strong dependence on their expertise for efficient operation.
  • Frequent mechanical and electrical maintenance disruptions lead to production interruptions.
High-Speed Paper Rewinding System Control Cabinet

Configuration includes equipment from both INVT and Siemens:

  • Simatic KTP700 Basic HMI allows for displaying operational parameters, settings, and monitoring of each batch, enabling operators to quickly diagnose and address any abnormalities in length speed between batches.
  • S7 1200 CPU 1215C and ET 200SP PLC controller receive and process various parameters and complex algorithms, utilizing high-speed Profinet communication to ensure stable and robust system operation.
  • GD350A VFD is powerful and flexible, offering synchronized features to meet high-speed requirements. Additionally, its mechanical protection capabilities ensure smooth system startup.
  • Meet and maintain designed machine speed of 160m/min.
  • Provide easy control and operation. Optimize ability to change length speed at any time, allowing customers to easily adjust paper lengths, reduce waste, and minimize dependence on skilled labor.
  • Minimize length speed deviation to prevent paper breakage.
  • Reduce waste and protect mechanical components.


  • Factory pressure drops, causing mechanical wear and tear.
  • Motor susceptibility to damage.
  • High energy consumption.
  • Difficult operational management.


Installation of an electrical control cabinet for variable speed control of  vacuum pump and slurry pump system (210kW):

  • Cabinet is designed in accordance with TCVN 7994-1:2009 standards.
  • Grounding standard: TCVN 4756:1989 (TN-S).
  • Protection level: IP20.
  • Ensuring safety during operation.
  • Easy operation and speed adjustment of pumps.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Motor protection and extended lifespan.
Steam Boiler Control System
  • Unstable steam flow and pressure.
  • Unsmooth startup, causing mechanical shocks, frequent mechanical and motor inspections and maintenance.
  • Motors constantly running at full capacity, leading to energy wastage.
  • System requires numerous electrical devices such as timers and relays.
  • System generates a large amount of exhaust gas and sudden increases in  concentration of harmful substances, affecting health and  environment.


Installation of electrical control cabinet for boiler system (125kW)

  • Cabinet is designed according to TCVN 7994-1:2009 standard.
  • Grounding standard TCVN 4756:1989 (TN-S).
  • Protection class: IP20.
  • Stable steam flow and pressure.
  • Smooth start-up of motors, avoiding grid voltage drop.
  • Up to 20% energy savings in power consumption.
  • Fuel savings.
  • Easy operation of  system, ensuring motor safety.
  • Comprehensive solution, ready stock availability, 24/7 service.

In the past period, Dong Phu Paper Company in Binh Phuoc province reevaluated its capabilities and ability to cope with market fluctuations, thus deciding to carry out digital transformation and continue to restructure its paper mill technology. Exploring various aspects, Dong Phu found “key” to increasing efficiency and enhancing competitiveness in market through automation solutions provided by DAT.

“Previously, DAT provided Dong Phu with a solution to control synchronized high-speed paper cutting system at 120m/min. Throughout this time, system has operated stably, with high performance, delivering high-quality products, minimizing waste, and effectively saving electricity. With array of values DAT has brought, when need arose to expand production scale by implementing a 160m/min paper cutting system to enhance competitiveness in market, Dong Phu immediately chose DAT to continue this project. Despite disruptions caused by pandemic, DAT made efforts to complete project on schedule. Dong Phu highly appreciates professionalism of DAT team,” shared a representative from Dong Phu.

As DAT began project, pandemic erupted, with social distancing measures being issued, making it impossible to physically travel to Dong Phu’s paper mill in Binh Phuoc. Leveraging a comprehensive value ecosystem, DAT overcame this difficulty by providing remote support to customers through online platforms. With over 17 years of experience in automation, DAT’s engineers quickly identified challenges faced by Dong Phu’s paper mill and devised solutions. As a result, when social distancing measures were lifted, DAT immediately successfully improved paper mill, enabling Dong Phu to optimize costs, operate efficiently, and enhance competitiveness in new circumstances.

DAT has been and is striving to overcome challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic, working hand in hand with businesses to revive economy through specialized solutions in areas such as automation, solar energy and energy storage, elevator control, and UPS.

For all consultation and support needs, please contact hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free). DAT commits to accompanying you 24/7.

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Standing side by side with Dong Phu Company to overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19

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