Servo solutions improve productivity for automatic packaging machines

The packaging machine control solution uses Servo, PLC, HMI and inverter to increase operating efficiency by 30%, the system is stable, the accuracy is up to 0.5mm and it is easy to change the quantity or size of product packaging.

Packaging machines perform the job of wrapping and containing goods to protect goods during transportation, storage and for the convenience of consumers during product consumption.

The old-style packaging machines used a specialized automatic control system using cam and clutch mechanisms, which could basically meet production requirements but did not bring the best efficiency.


  • Slow speed machine causing low yield
  • Lack of flexibility, it is very difficult to adjust the length and quantity of products according to needs
  • Complex system that is make it difficult for operators to operate
  • The machine vibrates, shakes, makes noise and requires regular maintenance and repair


  • PLC IVC series: control the whole machine operation
  • HMI series: allows the user to easily operate and monitor the operation of the machine.
  • Servo DA200 drives the film pulling motor (with vertical packer) or drives the rotary cutter motor (with the horizontal packer)
  • GD20/GD200A: speed control of the main motor (vertical packer) or the conveyor, feeding, and packing motors (horizontal packer)
  • Use Modbus communication to communicate devices with each other during operation.


  • The device is compactly integrated in the electrical cabinet. Connecting becomes faster, easier
  • The machine speed is fast, the parts operate smoothly and synchronously, the machine does not vibrate
  • Satisfying technology requirements, the cutting system is accurate with the cutting length error less than 0.5mm, the weight error about 2% depending on the product.
  • The machine operates stably, automatically adjusts the speed when the mechanical part is worn, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Easily save parameters and change product size and weight according to needs via the HMI screen.
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Products for solutions

PLC - IVC1L is a high-quality, easy-to-program PLC, widely applied with fast processing speed, strong communication ability.
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VT/VK series HMI - VT/VK Series HMI series is a Human interface – The machine is applied in the automation industry with many display modes, fast data processing speed, large capacity, simple operation.
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DA200 - Servo Controllers (Servo Drives + Servo Motor) are designed for systems requiring high performance, fast response and extremely precise control of position, speed, tension.
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DA180 - INVT's new generation of small power (0.1 - 1kW) general-purpose servos, used for simple, flexible applications.
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GD20 - versatile, compact, easy-to-use open-loop inverter series with outstanding responsiveness for almost all applications.
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GD200A - inverter is designed for both heavy loads (constant torque – G load) and variable loads (fan pump – P load).
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