Inverter GD20: Increase efficiency 3 times for incense making machine

GD20 inverter is commonly used by machine manufacturers to produce automatic incense making machines. GD20 operates stably and continuously in places with low power voltage at high speed, helping the system to produce beautiful, uniform products and increasing working efficiency by 3 times.

Along with the process of industrialization, instead of having to manually burn incense with low productivity, many incense production facilities have now applied machines to the production process.

In old operating method, incense making machine is often used 220V single-phase electric motor, some machines use 3-phase motor with inverter and homemade controller, but unstable quality, electrical cabinet of previous machines with complicated connections, so the operation is difficult.


  • The machine often jams incense, slow speed,
  • Many waste products reduce efficiency and machine life.
  • Unstable product quality
  • Outdated control system, complicated connection, high manufacturing cost and repair time


Understanding the difficulties of incense manufacturers and machine manufacturers, DAT has researched and integrated into the GD20 inverter a dedicated control algorithm for the incense making machine in the GD20 inverter, without the need for external boards or relays.

Over the years, the GD20 inverter has been used by many mechanical companies that manufacture incense machines across the country, so the GD20 inverter has been installed and responded well to tens of thousands of incense making machines for domestic use. and exported to countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia…


  • Products with 3 times higher quality and productivity
  • Stop the machine quickly and smoothly when the load is jammed
  • Smooth start and stop
  • Compact system, easy connection
  • The system works well in places where the voltage is not stable
  • Complete solution, available warehouse, 24/7 service
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