DAT introduces premium comprehensive service: DAT CARE

The launch of DAT Care service package is one of DAT’s efforts to expand its ecosystem, aiming to bring cost efficiency, enhance operational performance, and prolong the lifespan of machinery systems for businesses.

DAT Care is a comprehensive 24/7 protection service package deployed by DAT for users in the field of automation. Service package is designed to suit and closely meet needs of businesses in Vietnam, helping them avoid operational disruptions caused by machinery system failures.


DAT positions DAT Care in premium segment of its service ecosystem. As a result, users of DAT Care enjoy the most special care and support services from DAT, including: 24/7 technical support, troubleshooting, regular maintenance, predictive maintenance, equipment replacement, system upgrades, and in-depth training.

For troubleshooting, DAT has established a “rapid response” technical team for each customer to ensure swift issue resolution, minimizing downtime. Upon receiving information from customers, regardless of day or night, DAT engineers will be on-site at agreed-upon time in the contract.

For regular maintenance, DAT engineers will conduct measurements, check operational conditions, update software, clean, advise on equipment replacement, etc., at customer’s plant regularly. Based on lifespan, operating time, and history of each system’s issues, DAT will plan appropriate maintenance to keep equipment operating under optimal conditions, achieving highest ideal performance.

A significant highlight of DAT Care is in predictive maintenance. Through cloud platform developed by DAT, data from customer’s system will be remotely monitored through web access and diagnosed online. This enables prediction of potential risks and timely formulation of repair or replacement plans before actual failures occur.

Service package is operated and deployed by DAT’s team of experts with in-depth knowledge, along with company’s over 16 years of experience in the field of automation, particularly in paper and steel industries. Leveraging  successful application of INVT and Siemens equipment for thousands of customers nationwide, DAT engineers possess expertise and professional problem-solving abilities for issues that arise in control systems for rotary cutting machines, liquid steel crane systems, circulation pump systems, and high-voltage GD5000 VFD applications.

With DAT Care, a customer’s system is ensured minimal downtime when faults occur, as DAT always has genuine spare parts available, along with a scientifically established replacement process that ensures swift and effective problem resolution.

During operations, if customers have needs for process improvement, technological adjustment, DAT’s experts will advise and agree on terms for system upgrades, and hand over the entire program to factory’s engineering team. Additionally, DAT also provides in-depth technical training, operational guidance, error handling, and technology transfer to empower customer to fully manage system. This training activity will be conducted regularly or as requested by the customer.

According to Mr. Tieu Van Dat – DAT’s General Director, company always seeks innovation and different methods to better serve customers: “For manufacturing businesses, machinery systems are the heart and key to success. DAT Care is born to solve problem of uninterrupted operation for enterprise’s machinery system, helping to shorten  time for maintenance and reduce related costs significantly.”

Connected within DAT’s ecosystem, DAT Care offers a premium all-inclusive experience, from providing high-quality products and solutions to dedicated services. Each year, businesses only pay once for the service package and enjoy the most favorable environment for development and operation, without having to spend excessive costs on reducing downtime: purchasing backup equipment, storage, hiring experts, etc.

A superior differentiator of this service package is that DAT’s experts will visit the customer’s factory for surveys, data collection, and assessment. From there, they will design the most optimal service package for each customer.

DAT Care has been officially launched since August 10, 2022. Please call 1800 6567 to receive direct support from DAT’s team of experts.