DAT provides 10 GD350 super inverters with PROFINET communication for the oil and gas industry

INVT’s GD350 super VFD was quickly selected by an SI enterprise for the oil and gas industry thanks to its ability to integrate Profinet communication, fast delivery time and many outstanding features that perfectly meet the requirements of modern industrial production.

Project information

Area SI Company
Area of application Oil and gas industry
Customer need Control LGP pump with Profinet communication standard
DAT’s solutions 10 GD350 super VFDs with integrated Profinet communication from INVT
Application results Satisfy the need for self-research, creation, specialization and exclusive solutions according to different application requirements at low cost.

Profinet – new generation, innovative and flexible communication

Currently, the industrial revolution 4.0 and the trend of IoT (connecting digital devices to the internet and creating a link between them, making data collection and sharing easy) is taking place strongly in the world in general and Vietnam in particular, with the improvement and application of technology in the workplace at a faster rate than ever before and in a wide variety of different industries.

In that context, Profinet communication network is considered as the optimal and flexible choice, meeting the requirements of factories because it has many outstanding features such as: high-speed communication; simple network structure because it is built based on Ethernet standard; cost savings on installation, easy configuration and expansion; can integrate with existing networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus…

INVT’s GD350 super VFD – Integrated Profinet communication – Fast delivery time, genuine 24 month warranty

With the popularity of Profinet communication in the industry, nowadays inverter devices that conform to Profinet communication standards are not too difficult to find, but not all units are able to supply goods quickly in large quantities, after-sales service, warranty, thoughtful maintenance.

In response to the need to control the liquefied pump with Profinet communication standard, recently, an SI enterprise, after a period of consideration, quickly decided to use 10 GD350 super inverters with integrated Profinet communication of INVT provided by DAT thanks to DAT on the ability of fast delivery and genuine 24-month warranty, to promptly deploy projects for the oil and gas industry.



During the application process, GD350 products have good quality, stable and durable operation and completely meet the technological requirements of customers.


The GD350 super inverter integrates many special features, suitable for all basic to complex applications in manufacturing plants as well as machine builders and system integrators, satisfying the needs of self-research, creation, specialization and exclusive solutions according to different application requirements at low cost.

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