DAT officially inaugurates the Solution Demo Center costing nearly 1 billion VND

On May 22, 2020, DAT Technical Company Limited (DAT) successfully organized the inauguration ceremony for the Solution Demo Center on automation, solar energy, elevator control, and power energy.

The inauguration event of the Solution Demo Center once again demonstrates DAT’s direction in building a leading ecosystem, focusing on R&D to master technology, improve products, and create many solutions to enhance efficiency for customers and partners in production and business activities.

Mr. Tieu Van Dat – General Director of DAT shared: “Established in 2006, DAT has been continuously building a comprehensive ecosystem by cooperating with international partners, bringing high-quality products to the market, and creating specialized solutions along with dedicated services. To help customers and partners maximize efficiency, DAT always strives to expand its ecosystem further, and today’s inauguration event of the Solution Demo Center is one of the clearest evidence. The goal of this project is to showcase and introduce DAT’s products and solutions, support training, transfer solutions, and strongly promote DAT’s ecosystem to customers and partners.”

DAT’s CEO – Mr. Tieu Van Dat delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony of the DAT Solution Demo Center.

Thanks to the value ecosystem, DAT has achieved many accomplishments: over 500,000 variable frequency drives, 9500 elevator control cabinets sold; over 2000 solar energy systems with a total capacity of 250MW installed, and over 7000 trusting and accompanying customers. Not resting on its laurels, DAT continues to create even more value for customers and partners in the future.

The DAT Solution Demo Center was implemented with the dedication of the R&D engineering team, the support of many DAT departments with a budget of up to 1 billion VND, and completed within 3 months. When visiting the Solution Demo Center, customers will have the opportunity to see and experience the most effective solutions that DAT has implemented for all industries over the past 14 years. Accordingly, the demo sets at the DAT Solution Demo Center include: Demo of the SCADA central control monitoring system, Demo of high-tech solutions simulating fly-cutting systems, rotation cutting, IoT, load balancing… using the GD350 super inverter, servo DA200, PLC, HMI… Demo of solutions in the paper industry – paper packaging, multi-pump control, HVAC… Demo of solar energy solutions, Demo of the EC3000 elevator control cabinet EC3000 solution.

DAT engineers introduced the demo models of solutions.

The DAT Solution Demo Center once again reaffirms DAT’s commitment to providing many differentiated values, putting customer and partner satisfaction first. When cooperating with DAT, customers and partners only need to focus on their core business, and DAT will provide comprehensive support for surrounding issues. In the coming time, DAT will continue to expand its ecosystem to realize the goal of becoming the leading technology company in Vietnam in the fields of automation, solar energy – energy storage, elevator control, and UPS.

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DAT Technical Company Limited (DAT – proud to be one of the leading suppliers of products, solutions, and services in Vietnam market in the fields of automation, solar energy – energy storage, elevator control, and UPS. The figures speak for us:

  • 15+ years of experience
  • 350+ employees with 41% being highly specialized engineers
  • 10.000+ corporate customers
  • 500.000+ inverters sold
  • 9500+ solar energy systems with a total capacity of 560MW installed
  • 10MW solar panels always available
  • 1000kW variable frequency drive capacity always available
  • 24/7 pre and post-sales support nationwide.