DA200 – High-Performance Multi-Purpose AC Servo system for modern manufacturing industry

The use of Servo motor control systems is no longer unfamiliar in industrial production today. The robust development of machinery, coupled with increasingly stringent quality requirements, has made precise motor control a crucial necessity. The DA200 AC Servo System is designed with various special features to enable high-performance control in various modern industrial applications, enhancing productivity and generating significant profits for manufacturing enterprises.

What is Servo?

A Servo is a closed-loop control drive system that receives pulse signals, rapidly and accurately executing commands from the control unit. The Servo system comprises a Servo Drive and a Servo motor with an integrated Encoder to provide feedback signals from the motor to the control unit. The Servo motor is employed to precisely control position, adjust torque suitable for different applications, and achieve extremely fast speeds (with millisecond responsiveness), earning it the title of an inertia-free motor.

DA200 – Perfectly meeting modern control requirements

In addition to the typical functions of a Servo, the premium DA200 AC Servo series by INVT is equipped with outstanding features, high performance, precise control capabilities for position, speed, tension force, robust operation, and stability. The DA200 is an ideal choice for complex applications such as CNC milling machines, lathe cutting machines, length cutting machines, packaging machines, labeling machines, embroidery machines, printing machines, and more, providing high economic value to user enterprises.

Key technical features:

1. Leading response speed in the industry:

 Frequency response up to 2.0kHz, improving processing speed and overall plant efficiency.

2. Outstanding position accuracy:

Integrated 23-bit Encoder, providing 64 times higher accuracy compared to conventional 17-bit Encoders.

  • Relative Encoder: 2500 pulses.
  • Absolute Encoder: 17-bit or 23-bit.

3. Configurable input/output signal interface: 10 configurable input signals and 6 configurable output signals via the ServoPlorer software interface, making configuration easy and convenient.

4. Partial closed-loop control mode: supports external Encoder connection or optical scale installation for full closed-loop control, reducing mechanical errors and improving machine position accuracy.

5. Internal position control mode: 128 internal position steps coordinated with input terminal signals (extended I/O or bus).

6. ECAM function:

  • Up to 1000 points CAM profile.
  • Automatic smooth interpolation between two points in the profile to ensure smooth mechanical operation.
  • ServoPlorer software supports CAM design and function setting.
  • Applicable in flying cutting, flying saw, or master/slave applications.

7. Diverse communication protocols:

  • Supports various communication methods such as Modbus, CANopen, PROFIBUS-DB, EtherCAT, Motionnet.
  • Allows remote high-speed synchronous control of multiple axes through the communication network.

8. Inertia load self-tuning:

  • Two inertia load self-tuning methods: automatic and manual.
  • Automatically identifies and determines system parameters to shorten adjustment time.

9. Automatic or manual noise control:

  • Supports automatic noise control and vibration detection without additional equipment.
  • Noise and vibration caused by mechanics are reduced through noise filtering.
  • DA200 series supports 4 filters with adjustable frequencies in the range of 50~5000Hz.

10. Low-frequency vibration frequency control:

Special low-frequency vibration frequency control algorithm helps overcome low-frequency mechanical resonance effects and control vibrations at the tool end.


11. Synchronized gantry structure:

  • Supports dual-axis adjustment and synchronous dual-axis control.
  • The driver automatically controls synchronization without requiring a computer.
  • The system alerts and stops operation if the position deviation exceeds the set value.

12. Easy adjustment and parameter switching

13. Noise control:

Equipped with noise control function to enhance system performance and improve system responsiveness.

14. Friction moment compensation:

Equipped with friction moment compensation to minimize the impact created by friction during motion.

15. Speed monitoring:

Applies speed monitoring to improve performance by addressing noise effects.

Flexible response to various modern industrial applications

Faced with the demands of Industry 4.0, early investment in modern machine control systems to increase productivity and product quality provides a competitive advantage for businesses today.

From continuous or cyclic material processing applications such as packaging machines, bag cutting machines, and pouch cutting to the most complex processes like controlling robotic arms, the DA200 AC Servo System proves its superior control capabilities.

Robot Arm

Bag Sealing Machine

Pouch and Bag Cutting Machine

CNC Machine

Flying Cutting Application

The DA200 AC Servo System by INVT is officially supplied and exclusively distributed by DAT in the Vietnamese market. For product inquiries and solutions, customers and partners are encouraged to contact DAT through the toll-free hotline 1800 6567 for assistance.