Warning about counterfeit INVT CHF VFDs

DAT Group emphasizes that all current CHF VFD models available on market are counterfeit. We sincerely urge our valued customers to exercise extreme caution.

CHF is one of INVT’s versatile VFD series that has been trusted and highly regarded by customers. However, with technology dating back over 15 years, this series has gradually struggled to meet full range of control requirements in today’s modern automation applications. As a result, INVT made decision to halt production and distribution of CHF series since March 2020.

View INVT’s announcement about discontinuing CHF VFD series here

Nevertheless, due to its long-proven quality and stability, many customers still wish to use CHF VFD series. Exploiting this demand, various companies have produced counterfeit CHF VFDs and marketed them in Vietnam. In cases where customers inadvertently purchase counterfeit products, it not only directly damages their finances and disrupts their systems but also indirectly affects eputation of INVT and authorized distributors of genuine products.

As exclusive representative of INVT in Vietnam, DAT Group hereby notifies our esteemed customers once again about discontinuation of CHF VFD series. We assert that all CHF VFDs produced after March 2020 are counterfeit, and we sincerely urge our valued customers to exercise utmost vigilance.

In order to better serve and meet our customers’ needs, INVT has conducted research and developed new generation GD200A VFD series. To date, a majority of global customers have chosen to switch to GD200A due to its perfect compatibility with CHF in all applications, as well as its superior quality, stability, performance, and numerous advanced features.

Should you wish to use CHF VFD series, we encourage you to consider transitioning to GD200A VFD series. For detailed information about product and solutions, please call our dedicated Hotline at 1800 6567 (toll-free) to receive 24/7 dedicated support from DAT Group’s team of experts.

INVT and DAT Group are committed to accompanying and enhancing efficiency, delivering optimal value to our esteemed customers.