PNK & DAT organize Energy Efficiency Seminar in Dong Thap Province

On the morning of December 13, 2018, PNK Technology Co., Ltd. in collaboration with DAT Technology Co., Ltd. organized a seminar on SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS – ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND ENHANCING PRODUCTION EFFECTIVENESS for businesses in Dong Thap Province.

Mr. Le Minh Hien – Representative of DAT, presenting solar power solutions.

Energy efficiency is always one of top concerns of Government, Departments, Industries, Enterprises, and public. In order to create the best conditions for businesses in Dong Thap to implement energy-saving programs in their units, DAT introduced energy-saving solutions and methods to enhance production effectiveness, such as:

  • Solution for controlling industrial fans, boilers, air compressors, adjusting flow rate and pressure efficiently (using GD200A VFD).
  • Control solution for applications in places without 3-phase power grid, such as oxygen fans in shrimp farming, pump fans, grinders, raw material crushers… (using 1-phase to 3-phase VFD 220VAC/380VAC).
  • Solution for multi-pump control, pressure stabilization and alternating pumping (using GD300-16 VFD).
  • Energy-saving solution for hydraulic plastic molding machines, saving up to 80% electricity (using MH800 servo).
  • Energy-saving for lighting systems, to ensure sufficient light in spacious factories and workshops, businesses need to arrange offices, production areas rationally, and maximize natural light. In addition, utilizing solar energy to minimize monthly electricity consumption costs.
DAT engineers are introducing solutions to customers.

In addition to introducing grid-tied solar energy solutions to meet electricity demands in businesses and production, DAT also introduced independent solar-powered water pumping systems and grid-connected systems. Advantages of these systems are easy installation, environmentally friendly, low investment costs, and high economic efficiency suitable for applications in farming, livestock, cultivation, automatic irrigation systems, hotels, pump stations…

Representative from Dong Thap Power Company sharing with customers.

At the seminar, representatives from Department of Industry and Trade and tDong Thap Power Company also expressed their interest in energy-saving program and shared government’s policies to encourage use of renewable energy, as well as procedures for connecting solar power systems.