INVT VFDs GD350-19 and GD20-09: Specialized Control Solutions for Crane Systems

Understanding diverse and specialized needs of customers in the field of industrial automation, DAT Group officially distributes INVT GD350-19 and GD20-09 VFDs with specialized control solutions for crane systems.

Lifting and transporting equipment and goods in manufacturing or transportation are essential needs in most factories, construction sites, train stations, ports, and more. To maximize efficiency and reduce manpower, crane systems are employed to support lifting and transporting functions, especially in applications requiring lifting capacities ranging from 1 to 500 tons.

Common types of crane systems today, such as gantry cranes, portal cranes, harbor cranes, and tower cranes, often suspend loads using cable and operate similarly to a pendulum. Load sway is a safety concern and can exert pressure on crane structure.


Moreover, these systems have limitations such as inability to control running speed affecting timelines, use of mechanical brakes causing high impact, inaccurate stopping when load changes, requiring experienced operators.

To address these technological challenges that have not been fully met in crane system design, INVT has researched and developed specialized GD350-19 and GD20-09 VFDs with a range of functions dedicated to crane systems.

INVT GD350-19 VFD: Versatile and Premium Closed-Loop Vector Control for Crane Applications

GD350-19 is a premium versatile VFD developed by INVT to meet high-performance control requirements for crane applications. GD350-19 features world-class closed-loop vector control technology, modern features, flexible configuration, and comprehensive protection functions.


Anti-Sway Function

Anti-sway function requires real-time input of hook height (vertical distance). This height is automatically measured using master lift VFD through Load Height Measuring, then transmitted to VFDs of main and auxiliary vehicles using a Master/Slave communication card. Height can also be measured using an encoder attached to lifting motor for closed-loop control. Anti-Sway function synchronizes three crane axes using Master/Slave mechanism to reduce load sway during movement and lifting.

Closed-Loop Vector Control for Lifting

In closed-loop control, VFD activates brake slip detection if brake slip delay exceeds 0. During initial torque verification, if motor speed exceeds set brake slip threshold, VFD responds with an error signal.

Position Stop Function

GD350-19 controls lifting motor in closed-loop mode, integrating an incremental encoder to provide real-time position feedback. This enables precise position stops, simplifying control operations and enhancing crane operation efficiency.

Brake Logic Control

Integrated brake logic control accurately determines torque output, ensuring safe and stable motor output and preventing load slip. GD350-19 also supports direction detection and braking selection during FWD/REV switch for flexible startup requirements.

Fast Brake Function

Fast Brake function quickly stops motor at a desired position during high-speed operation, ensuring crane safety.

Zero-Servo Function

Motor locking at 0 speed helps detect load suspension or slip, preventing brake failure and ensuring safe operation.

Light Load Speed Up Function

GD350-19 offers constant power and step-wise speed limiting according to load, optimizing crane operation efficiency.

Master/Slave Control

Balanced output ensures uniformity across motor outputs, catering to applications requiring multiple motors to control a single load.

Safe torque off

When motor stops, VFD cuts torque output to prevent unintentional motor startup. Continuous power supply to VFD allows system monitoring and quick recovery.

Losse rope detection

Implemented before lifting, function prevents accidents during high-speed lifting or incorrect lifting speed, signaling rope malfunction. This safety feature is specialized for crane applications.

Travel Limit Function

Integration of upper/lower limit and acceleration/deceleration limit functions restricts crane operation within defined parameters.

Overload protection

VFD activates overload protection when load exceeds set limits, preventing hazards.

INVT GD20-09 VFD: Open-Loop Vector Control for Small Load Crane Applications

Developed based on load characteristics and control requirements of electric hoists, European-style cranes, and gantry cranes, GD20-09 delivers excellent performance. Compact in structure, GD20-09 meets EMC standards, and has undergone rigorous reliability tests to fulfill low-noise and low EMI requirements in crane applications.


Specialized Brake Logic Application

GD20-09 VFD integrates torque verification for safe operation, preventing slip after setup, and supports flexible direction and brake selection during FWD/REV switch.

Macro Applications

GD20-09 VFD integrates multiple crane application macros, facilitating user-defined macros for easy setup and use.

Cone-Rotor Motor Control

VFD adjusts control based on cone-rotor motor characteristics to implement quick brake engagement and release, simplifying test runs and ensuring device safety.

Safety Assurance

GD20-09 provides over 30 fault protection functions including overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat, phase loss, and load deficiency.

With GD350-19 and GD20-09 VFDs, technological gaps in crane applications are optimally addressed, meeting increasing demands of modern industrial production.

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