Solution to improve efficiency for laminate machine by GD12 inverter

  • The solution of using GD12 inverter to control the laminate machine helps the operator to easily adjust the thickness, length and cutting speed for higher work efficiency and increase the aesthetics of the product.
  • Laminate is becoming a perfect substitute for natural wood, the use of veneer is considered a new step forward in furniture construction.
  • Laminate machines are divided into 2 types: with cutter and without cutter. At present, the majority of laminate machines are imported from abroad, using the control method by direct starter or dedicated controller.


  • Mechanical parts do not operate smoothly, cause noise, and cost maintenance and repair.
  • The control system is complicated, making it difficult to connect, and it takes time to build the machine.
  • Repair is also very difficult. When it needs to be replaced, buying a whole controller costs a lot of money.
  • The speed cannot be synchronized between the 2 rollers and the cutting motor, so the product quality is low and the waste products are many.


  • For customers do not require to adjust the length of the veneer. DAT provides a solution using a dedicated GD12 inverter for cutterless machines.
  • For customers request can adjust the thickness and length of veneer. DAT provides solutions using dedicated inverter GD12, inverter GD20 and HMI for laminate machines with cutters.


  • Automatic control system, simple operation
  • Easy to adjust the thickness, cutting length
  • The machine operates at high speed, increasing productivity, reducing waste
  • Easily change and manage orders on the HMI screen
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GD12 - dedicated inverter for veneer machine control application. The product makes it easy to adjust the thickness, veneer length and precise cutting speed, improving production efficiency.
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GD20 - versatile, compact, easy-to-use open-loop inverter series with outstanding responsiveness for almost all applications.
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HMI VT/VK Series - 1 Human - Machine interface is applied in automation industry with many display modes, fast data processing speed, large capacity, simple operation
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