GD350A – The Most Superior and Versatile VFD Series by INVT Today

INVT Officially Launches the New GD350A Series Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) – Inheriting the Full Advantages of the Premium Intelligent GD350 Series and Adding New Features with Flexible Control Capability for Both Constant Torque and Variable Torque Loads (Pumps, Fans) – More Versatile, Flexible, and Optimized for Customers.


GD350A – Inheriting a Series of Advantages from the GD350 Super VFD

Building upon the foundation of the GD350 VFD series, GD350A is equipped with INVT’s most advanced processing unit, applying leading vector control technology globally to provide more precise and flexible control. Supporting various types of encoders and communication protocols, along with unlimited expansion capability, it caters to applications ranging from simple to complex for customers across different industries such as textiles, fibers, packaging, printing, construction machinery, and more.

The ability to control SVC (Sensorless Vector Control) and VC (Closed-Loop Vector Control) for both synchronous and asynchronous motors enables GD350A to control various types of motors effectively: asynchronous motors, servo motors, synchronous motors, direct drive motors, spindle motors, variable frequency motors, etc., with high efficiency.

Optional PLC cards with up to 128kB memory are used to replace PLCs in simple control systems, allowing users to write their own programs for machine applications, significantly reducing investment costs.

Support for various types of expansion cards such as I/O cards for extended connectivity and control, PG cards for closed-loop control suitable for different types of encoders like incremental encoders, rotary transformer encoders, SIN/COS encoders; communication cards including Modbus, Profibus-DP, Profinet, CANopen/CAN master, Ethernet, EtherCAT, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi make GD350A compatible with most communication standards and integrable with any control devices. GD350A can accommodate up to 3 expansion cards simultaneously with equal-sized expansion card slots, facilitating easy installation.

Moreover, with the ability to access and set parameters via Bluetooth and remote control and monitoring via the internet, GD350A meets the technological requirements of modern Industry 4.0 production, allowing users to monitor and operate equipment from anywhere with utmost precision and safety.

Adding More Superior New Features – Already Good, Now Even Better

In the era of Industry 4.0 with continuous technological advancements, INVT has quickly researched, improved, and developed breakthrough features for INVT intervert GD350A, alongside inheriting features from the GD350, to enhance flexibility and expand application capabilities for the product.


Flexible control modes for constant torque (mode G) and variable torque loads (mode P): Constant torque loads are those where the torque applied to the motor shaft remains constant and does not depend on the load, often used in heavy-duty applications such as conveyors, hoists, etc. Variable torque loads are those where the torque applied to the motor shaft varies with the load (and in practice with speed), often used when the VFD is used with pump or fan loads. With most other VFD models, the VFD power must always be equal to or greater than the motor power. However, when using the GD350A VFD for pump or fan loads, the VFD can control a motor one power rating higher, while still ensuring stable system operation with consistent efficiency, saving costs for customers. For example, a 75kW GD350A VFD (mode G) can control a 90kW pump or fan motor.

Support for firefighting pump control function (fire mode): This function is activated in case of a fire hazard. The GD350A will bypass all VFD protection functions to control the firefighting pump until the VFD can no longer operate, suitable for firefighting pump control applications.

With a host of superior features, GD350A is currently the most versatile and premium VFD series from INVT, promising to bring breakthrough solutions to the Vietnamese market in the near future. For any product or solution inquiries, customers and partners are encouraged to contact DAT via the hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free) for prompt assistance.

Tranquility accompanies DAT’s ecosystem

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