DAT introduces the new-generation elevator control system EC3000 series

Through the introduction of the new-generation elevator control system EC3000 series, DAT once again reaffirms its goal of building a leading ecosystem, focusing on R&D to create specialized, high-performance solutions, helping customers and partners continuously increase efficiency.

The EC3000 series boasts a range of outstanding features, perfectly meeting the requirements for modern, safe, convenient, and elegant control.

New-generation EC3000 series elevator control system

Key features of the new-generation EC3000 series elevator control system

Absolute safety to European standards

The new-generation EC3000 series elevator control system, designed to European standards, incorporates modern technology combining logic control, advanced signal processing, and CAN bus communication technology to enhance safety and flexibility, ensuring stable elevator operation under all conditions.

Smooth and super quiet operation

With S-curve characteristic control algorithms, EC3000 series control cabinets enable smooth elevator operation with flexible start-accelerate-decelerate-stop capabilities, extremely smooth yet high-speed operation.

Control up to 64 floors

As skyscrapers continue to rise, elevators must reach new heights. Therefore, signal control, considered the brain of the elevator, determines accuracy, stability, and safety. The EC3000 series can control elevators up to 64 floors at speeds of up to 6m/s.

Floor call board LCD 4.3” of EC3000 series

Additionally, the EC3000 series supports group control of up to 8 elevators, making management and operation convenient and efficient. The individual control of each elevator in a group by the EC3000 series allows for monitoring of position and operational status to optimize floor calls and minimize user waiting time.

Support for AM and PM motor control

The traction machine is the main device of the elevator and the most valuable component in the elevator system. Currently, there are two types of traction machines on the market: AM traction machines with gearboxes and PM traction machines without gearboxes.

Among them, gearbox traction machines are cost-effective for the household segment, with simple maintenance, oil changes, and easy installation. Gearless traction machines have higher costs but are compact, reducing energy consumption by 40%, saving a relatively large amount of costs, and eliminating noise caused by the engine.

The various EC3000 series models perfectly control both AM traction machines with gearboxes and PM traction machines without gearboxes, with different voltage levels, helping customers optimize usage.

Integrated on-board PG and 2 signal input ports for multiple encoder types

The EC3000 series integrates an on-board PG card and 2 signal input ports for multiple encoder types such as ERN1387, Incremental Encoder push-pull or open collector, SIN/COS, UVW… to help the system operate more stably without the need for additional PG cards (only additional PG cards required when using ECN1313).

Compact size

As one of the fastest-growing regions in Asia, Vietnam is in the midst of rapid urbanization, with increasing demand for residential areas, high-rise buildings, commercial centers… The improved EC3000 series cabinets with compact size save installation space, suitable for buildings with limited elevator rooms while ensuring safety for internal devices.

Moreover, the EC3000 series elevator control system also has additional expanded features, increasing flexibility for elevators such as voice status notification, error collection and notification via SMS, setup and management via smart cards, and other features.

With intelligent controllers and special features, the EC3000 series cabinets are the optimal solution for new elevators and cost-saving for elevator upgrade projects. However, to ensure assurance and experience beyond expectations, customers should pay attention to installation techniques and maintenance services.

With over 14 years of experience in the fields of frequency converters, automation, solar energy, elevator control, and energy storage, DAT has gained the trust of over 7000 customers with more than 10,000 elevator cabinets sold, bringing a host of added value to customers:

  • 24/7 technical support.
  • EC3000 series cabinets and và synchronous circuit boards are warranted for replacement within 24 months.
  • Detailed technical documents in Vietnamese.
  • Flexible payment methods.
  • Large warehouse always available.
  • Free nationwide delivery.

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