DAT periodically trains technicians to operate the elevator control system EC3000 Series

In order to support partners in increasing business efficiency and help customers fully experience the features of the new generation elevator control cabinet EC3000 series, a European-made brand by GEAT, DAT has decided to hold monthly technical operation training sessions, alternating between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.


Recently, the first training session took place at DAT’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City with enthusiastic participation from technicians from various partner units in the southern region. The training content was meticulously prepared by DAT engineers to help technicians quickly grasp the features of the EC3000 series control system.


In these sessions, technicians will learn the general theory about the electrical cabinet system and the EC3000 series circuit board; how to connect the electrical cabinet to peripheral devices; instructions on installation, configuration, tuning, and elevator shaft learning. After mastering the theory, DAT engineers will assist technicians in hands-on practice with the actual EC3000 elevator control cabinet.


As a provider with a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market and more than 13,000 elevator cabinets trusted by customers nationwide, DAT is well aware of the difficulties that partners face in reaching customers and operating new products. Therefore, experienced DAT elevator technicians are eager to share ways to handle common errors and ready to answer any specific questions from participants.


The new generation EC3000 series elevator control cabinet training program will continue in the future. For more detailed information and registration requests, please fill out the form below or contact the hotline at 18006567.

Previously, on March 1, 2021, DAT officially partnered with GEAT, an Italian brand established in 1956, to launch the new generation EC3000 series elevator control system. This event is part of a series of activities celebrating DAT's 15th anniversary and reaffirms its commitment to continuously expanding the Ecosystem to increase efficiency for customers and partners.