Types of VFD Currently Available on the Market

In the context of businesses increasingly focusing on enhancing automation capabilities in their production and operations, the current market in Vietnam has witnessed the emergence of numerous brands of VFDs to meet the diverse needs of customers. This diversity in supply presents various options but also poses a challenge for businesses when it comes to selecting the most suitable type of VFD. The following provides an overview of the types of VFDs available on the market today and ways to make a more informed decision when purchasing a VFD.

1. Types of VFDs Available on the Market


INVT is one of the world’s leading technology conglomerates in the manufacturing of VFDs, automation equipment, and electrical energy. INVT operates 12 research and development centers with over 1300 inventions and 220 software copyrights in the fields of VFDs and automation, as well as renewable energy.

INVT offers a range of versatile, specialized, medium-voltage, and explosion-proof VFDs with voltage ratings ranging from 220V to 10kV and power ratings from 0.4kW to 10,000kW. These VFDs are designed to control synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, and integrated servos, featuring advanced, high-performance, intelligent, and energy-saving functions. As a result, INVT VFDs are an indispensable choice among the various types of VFDs available in today’s market.


INVT’s products and solutions have received high praise from customers and are widely used in over 90 countries and territories. These include VFDs, AC Servos, PLCs, HMIs, UPS systems, Medium Voltage Static Var Generator (iSVG) systems, Solar Inverters, Elevator Control Systems, Robot Systems, High-Speed Electric Train and Electric Bus Control Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, solar energy products, and intelligent solutions for buildings.

1.2 Siemens VFD

Siemens, a brand hailing from Germany, is a leading provider of efficient power transmission solutions. Siemens pioneers solutions in infrastructure, automation, drive technology, and software in the industrial sector.


Siemens Vietnam was established in 1993. Siemens currently has three offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City, along with a manufacturing plant for electrical conductors located in Binh Duong province. As one of the leading global pioneers in VFD technology, Siemens continuously innovates and diversifies its products to provide the best solutions for users. With a wide range of models capable of controlling tasks from basic to intermediate levels, well-organized hardware design and functionalities, Siemens SINAMICS VFD series offers high reliability and is an economical choice for various industrial applications.

1.3 Schneider Electric VFD

Schneider Electric is a global conglomerate headquartered in France, leading the way in energy management and automation for sustainable and efficient development.


With a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, Schneider Electric offers a wide range of effective solutions that help customers manage energy and production cycles safely and reliably. These solutions range from simple products like residential light switches to complex operational systems for high-rise buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries. Through the integration of world-leading energy and process technologies, Schneider Electric ensures efficient management of energy and production cycles. This is why Schneider Electric VFDs garner significant attention and are a preferred choice for users since their inception.

1.4 Danfoss VFD

Danfoss was founded in 1933 in Denmark. With over 80 years of experience, Danfoss is now a trusted VFD brand in more than 100 countries. Danfoss VFDs offer a diverse product range with modern designs that meet international standards. Many customers have been highly satisfied with the performance of Danfoss VFDs due to their stability, user-friendliness, extensive support functions, and notably low noise.


1.5 LS VFD

Among the various types of VFDs in the current market, the LS brand from South Korea stands out prominently. LS, established in 1974, has made a significant presence. LS VFDs are produced in 9 different series, each offering unique usage characteristics tailored to diverse customer needs and electrical circuits. With reasonable pricing, high durability, and stable quality, LS VFDs find extensive application across industrial and residential sectors.



Founded in 1988 in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB is one of the well-known VFD brands in Vietnam. Currently, ABB operates in five sectors: electrical equipment, power systems, automation and motion, process automation, and low-voltage electrical equipment.


1.7 Yaskawa VFD

Yaskawa VFD produced by Yaskawa Electric Corporation – founded in 1915 in Kitakyushu, Japan – is a leading conglomerate in manufacturing and supplying products in fields such as electric drive systems, VFDs, and industrial robotics worldwide.


1.8 Mitsubishi VFD

Mitsubishi Electric is a renowned Japanese brand in the production of VFDs. Over the years, Mitsubishi VFDs have been widely trusted and commonly used in Vietnam.

1.9 FuJi VFD

Fuji Electric is one of the experienced and longstanding conglomerates in VFD technology. With a reputation for quality, Fuji VFDs are prevalent in the market.

1.10 Panasonic VFD

Panasonic is a company specializing in research and development across various fields, including VFDs. Panasonic VFDs, known for their exceptional energy-saving advantages, are a popular choice among consumers today.

1.11 Hitachi VFD

Hitachi, Ltd is an international company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Hitachi is known for implementing cutting-edge technologies into its products. Hitachi VFDs, with their premium design and energy-saving features, are one of the most popular VFD brands in Vietnam.

1.12 Toshiba VFD

As a VFD from a leading Japanese technology conglomerate, Toshiba VFDs consistently deliver superior quality, satisfying numerous consumers.

1.13 Delta VFD

Produced by an electronics corporation based in Taiwan, Delta VFDs are commonly used across various industries and machinery systems, making them a popular choice for industrial operations and factories.


1.14 Rexroth VFD

Bosch Rexroth, a subsidiary of Bosch from Germany, specializes in providing electrical and factory automation solutions. Rexroth VFDs offer effective, powerful, safe, and energy-saving solutions for industries like mechanical engineering.

Apart from the mentioned VFD brands, there are also some other smaller brands of VFDs.

2. Selecting the Right VFD for Your Needs

To choose the appropriate VFD from the diverse options available in the market, it’s important to clearly define your application needs, usage purpose, and balance the investment level. Consider the following principles:

2.1 Choose VFD Compatible with Motor Type and Power

Understand type of motor you need for the VFD, whether it’s synchronous or asynchronous, single-phase or three-phase, DC or AC, and its voltage requirement, in order to select the appropriate VFD. The power of the VFD should be equivalent to or greater than the motor’s power.

2.2 Select VFD Based on Application Requirements

When choosing VFD, you need to determine: What is your application? What is the motor speed? Are there any requirements for advanced control features? Is synchronous system required? What communication protocol? Are there any specific environmental conditions (humidity, high temperature, dust, flammability)? If there are no specific requirements, you can choose versatile common types like GD20 or GD200A. Otherwise, if there are special requirements, you should opt for VFDs with suitable features.

2.3 Choose VFD According to Actual Load

Selecting a VFD based on the load is crucial. Determine the type of load of the machinery: light load, heavy load, or medium load, operating mode (short-term or long-term, continuous or non-continuous), and choose a suitable VFD accordingly.

2.4 Choose VFD Compatible with Your Existing System and Convenient for Programming or Select a Supplier with Programming Support for Your Applications.

2.5 Choose VFD with the Correct Specifications Matching the Old VFD (in the case of replacement) or According to the Design Specifications Required.

3. Some Tips for Replacing VFDs from Different Brands

3.1 Identify the Main Cause of the Current VFD Failure

Before replacing an old VFD with a new one, it’s crucial to identify the main cause of the current VFD’s malfunction. If the cause is not identified, the new VFD might also encounter the same issues.

Some potential causes to consider include: unstable power supply to the VFD, dusty environment, high humidity, and motor overload. Check the error codes of the old VFD to determine the cause.

3.2 Choose Suitable Specifications for Replacement VFD

Before replacing the old VFD, determine the specifications of the old VFD, including power, input and output voltage, and dimensions.

Important information to determine includes the control mode of the VFD, including communication protocol, closed-loop/open-loop control.

Check the size of the current VFD to avoid cases where the new VFD is larger and cannot be installed in the electrical cabinet.

For some VFDs with closed-loop control using an encoder card, you need to choose a VFD type that supports reading the encoder signal.

Some accompanying accessories for VFDs include discharge resistors, AC/DC Reactors.

Choose a reputable and commonly used VFD type in the market, with an official distributor in Vietnam, to enjoy good warranty policies, stable product quality, durability, quick repair and customer support services.


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