Enhancing Efficiency Solutions for FDI Plastic Enterprises

With stable social security, rapid growth, stability, and various policies attracting foreign investment, Vietnam has become an attractive destination for FDI plastic companies for many years. This implies increasing competitiveness both in the export and domestic markets, posing significant challenges for FDI plastic companies.


FDI companies have brought new vitality to the Vietnamese plastic industry. Thanks to abundant capital and extensive experience in organizational operations, FDI enterprises have created positive impacts: expanding scale, diversifying product sources, modernizing production processes, and more.

To keep up with the trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and secure a competitive position in the increasingly competitive market, FDI plastic companies need to shift towards producing more high-quality products, with better designs, lower costs, and faster production times.

However, challenges such as importing machinery systems, unavailable replacement equipment, and long waiting times for goods delivery have led FDI companies to face production stagnation in case of unfortunate incidents, reducing their competitive capacity against rivals.


Many FDI companies are still pondering the question: How can we find a product, a solution that ensures both technological reliability and high-quality technical services?

As a leading entity in Vietnam’s automation industry with over 14 years of experience in the plastic sector, DAT confidently assists FDI companies in overcoming all obstacles and enhancing efficiency with outstanding solutions:

  1. Automation Solutions in PE Plastic Production

Applying automation with new solutions to the PE plastic production process will increase product value, reduce costs, and ensure competitiveness in both domestic and international markets.

Equipment solutions applied in PE plastic production include:

  1. Automation Solutions in PP Plastic Production

Using frequency converters will help various machinery in PP plastic packaging plants meet requirements for high speed, stable operation, easy order changes, and minimal machine downtime.

Some machinery and solutions for PP plastic production plants that can be equipped with INVT frequency converters include:

  • Using frequency converters for film drawing machines. (See detailed solutions here)
  • Using frequency converters for PP bag weaving machines. (See detailed solutions here)
  • Using frequency converters to control film coating machines.
  • Using frequency converters, servo motors, and PLC control systems to control printing and bag cutting machines.
  1. Automation Solutions in PS and PVC Plastic Production

With the traditional operating methods, PS and PVC plastic production plants face challenges such as pressure drops, mechanical wear and tear, transmission ratios, difficult operation, and excessive waste. Applying frequency converters to various machinery will quickly address these limitations.

Some machinery in PS and PVC plastic production plants that can be equipped with INVT inverters:

  • PVC plastic extruders
  • Plastic shredders
  • PS plastic blowing machines
  • PS plastic shaping and stamping machines
  1. Hydraulic Plastic Press Control Solutions

Currently, there are two types of plastic presses on the market: hydraulic and electric motor-driven presses. Considering their popularity, hydraulic plastic presses are more widely used due to their cost-effectiveness.

Challenges faced by plants using hydraulic plastic presses:

  • Hydraulic plastic presses consume a large amount of electricity, accounting for up to 80% of the total electricity consumption of the entire plant.
  • Some systems use asynchronous three-phase motors to control oil pumps, causing unnecessary energy waste due to continuous machine operation.
  • Systems controlled by outdated technology operate unstably, often experiencing failures, leading to downtime and maintenance costs, increased waste, reduced production efficiency, and decreased equipment lifespan.


Using INVT’s MH800 servo control solutions for plastic presses helps customers save up to 80% of electricity, improve product quality, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure high responsiveness and accuracy. (See detailed solutions here)


To reach discerning customers, enhance competitive capacity against domestic and international competitors, FDI plastic companies in Vietnam need a reputable partner with superior on-site technical services and the ability to design automation solutions that produce high-quality, accurately sized, and energy-efficient products.

By boldly adjusting technological processes to fit the current context, FDI plastic companies in Vietnam can achieve high and sustainable growth rates in the future.

DAT is committed to providing not just a single machine or device but a comprehensive solution that optimizes efficiency for customers. It aims for higher profits, better quality products, and customer peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core business without worrying about issues arising from machinery systems. Contact us at hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free) for quick consultation and support.