Specialized low-voltage Siemens SINAMICS inverter series

As a leading global company in inverter technology, Siemens continuously innovates and diversifies its products to provide the best solutions for users. In the low-voltage inverter segment, Siemens has optimized a range of features to meet specific and specialized requirements. Notably, SINAMICS G120X và SINAMICS G180 inverters stand out.

  1. Siemens SINAMICS Inverters


  • The SINAMICS G120X is developed with advanced features for HVAC applications, water, and wastewater industries.
  • It integrates anti-jamming, dry-run protection, and pipe-jam functions (for environments prone to frozen water pipes).
  • The G120X offers descaling functions to sustainably remove dirt from pump blades and detects leaks to protect pumps, reducing maintenance costs.
  • This inverter also features smooth acceleration and deceleration to minimize mechanical wear. Notably, the G120X can stably control pressure and multi-pumps.
  • Additional extended features include EMC noise suppression, integrated DC choke to reduce harmonics per standards (IEC 61800-3-12), STO SIL 3 HW safety, 3C3 coating for harsh environments, and more, making the SINAMICS G120X widely applicable in infrastructure projects.
  • It can control up to 4 pumps alternately (with an additional expansion card).
  • Includes a fire mode operation.
Figure 6 SINAMICS G120X

Structure: Compact Unit

Classification: Includes 02 versions, suitable for different market needs with diverse features, modes, and capacities.

  • G120X: for global use
  • G120XA: for the Chinese and Indian markets

Voltage and Power Range:

Power (kW) VOLTAGE 3P
200-240V 380-480V 500-690V
0.75-55kW 0.75-560kW 3-630kW


  • Exhaust fan with closed-loop pressure control; cooling tower fans with water temperature control; tunnel fans, parking garage fans; air supply fans…
  • Circulating pumps for heating systems, water pumps, booster pumps, district heating pumps…
  1. Siemens SINAMICS G180 Inverters


  • The SINAMICS G180 provides perfect solutions for demanding industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, energy, and inspection with its specially developed features.
  • The SINAMICS G180, with ATEX certification, fully meets the requirements for explosion-proof drive systems.
  • Can extend analog and digital inputs/outputs.
  • Integrates Line Filter per EMC EN61800-3 standards.
  • Integrates Line Reactor in Cabinet Units; integrates DC Reactor in Compact Units.
  • Additionally, this Siemens inverter series features an optimized cooling system to increase operational longevity, automatic overload time adjustment, and automatic restart, ensuring high safety and efficiency.


  • Compact Unit
  • Cabinet System
  • Cabinet Unit

Voltage and Power Range:

Structure (kW) VOLTAGE 3P
400V 500V 690V
Compact Unit 2.2-160kW 2.2-200kW 7.5-200kW
Cabinet System/ Unit 2.2-630kW 2.2-800kW 7.5-6600kW

Cooling Modes:

  • Air cooling
  • Liquid cooling

Motor Types:

  • Synchronous motor
  • Asynchronous motor

Application Fields:

  • Chemical, oil, and gas industries
  • Power plants, plastics industry, processing industry, conveyors, and general mechanical applications…
Figure 7 SINAMICS G180

Since April 9, 2021, DAT has officially partnered with Siemens in the digital industry with two main product groups: Factory Automation and Motion Control. Currently, DAT offers a large stock of genuine, versatile low-voltage SINAMICS inverters with superior warranty and service policies:

  • 12-month warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance
  • 24/7 engineer support
  • Flexible payment, delivery before procedure completion.

For inquiries, please contact the hotline 18006567 (toll-free) for quick support and consultation.