The new generation smart inverter GD27 has arrived in Vietnam

Since January 10, 2024, INVT Group and DAT Group have officially introduced the new generation smart inverter GD27 to the Vietnamese market, featuring numerous outstanding improvements.

Through intelligent and cutting-edge technologies, GD27 inverter not only provides valuable support for high-end industrial automation manufacturers but also reaffirms the role of INVT and DAT Group as value-added partners in continuously expanding the product ecosystem and staying ahead of market trends.


With the capability to create fully automated industrial systems, the GD27 ensures smoother and safer operations, saving time, optimizing costs, and reducing energy consumption for customers.

The GD27 inverter stands out with its compact and user-friendly book-type design. Alongside its superior efficiency, diverse functions, and straightforward operation, the GD27 inverter can be likened to a “key” unlocking numerous outstanding benefits in industries such as woodworking, textile, food processing, printing, packaging, plastics, and logistics.

The GD27 inverter features a compact book-type design, supporting side-by-side installation, which helps save cabinet space.

Not only that, the GD27 also impresses with its excellent heavy load capacity, ensuring stable and safe transportation of goods. Advanced heat dissipation technology, circuit boards with standard protective coatings help prevent dust and oil from entering the GD27 inverter.

In terms of technical specifications, the GD27 inverter supports both synchronous and asynchronous motors; VF and SVC control; multi-level speed control and simple PLC control. The braking unit is integrated across the entire power range; STO and EMC filters are also integrated into EU versions. The support for multiple versions of GD27 makes it easy for customers to choose the most cost-effective product that suits their needs.

The GD27 inverter provides intelligent control for both synchronous and asynchronous motors.

With numerous advantages in both design and technical characteristics, the GD27 inverter can operate reliably even in high-temperature, humid environments, and even in situations of unstable or immediate power loss.

As the General Representative and Service Center of INVT in Vietnam, DAT Group, with strong investment and the best support from INVT, offers customers not only genuine GD27 inverters but also comprehensive solutions, continuous support from consultation, deployment to after-sales services. This ensures peace of mind, enhances efficiency, and minimizes unwanted incidents during production and business operations.

For more information about the product, solutions, warranty policies, after-sales services, please contact the toll-free hotline at 1800 6567.