Automation Training Tour: A Solid Knowledge Foundation Exclusively for DAT Group Partners

Automation Training Tour: Affirming Commitment to Strong and Lasting Partnership, DAT Group has Launched “Automation Training Tour” Program in Hanoi (from 05/06 to 07/06) and Ho Chi Minh City (from 12/06 to 14/06).

Program’s content revolves around key knowledge about product systems and solutions of INVT and Siemens, providing partners with additional keys to solve customer issues and understanding how to effectively implement automation projects.

“Automation Training Tour” Program Enhancing Efficiency for Partners in Ho Chi Minh City

As INVT General Representative and Official Distributor of Siemens in Vietnam with over 17 years of experience in successfully implementing thousands of projects, expert team at DAT Group has carefully selected and designed a knowledge system that best suits practical needs, enhancing competitiveness for partner participants, as follows:

  • Day 1: Overview of INVT Variable Frequency Drives and Servos; Instruction on operations with INVT Variable Frequency Drives and Servos; Introduction to advanced functions and control practice.
  • Day 2: Overview of INVT PLC and HMI systems; Introduction to Auto Station programming software, HMItool; Application practice on PLC, control project design, and variable frequency drive monitoring.
  • Day 3: Introduction to MC and FA equipment systems of Siemens; Programming practice on MC and FA demo kits; Sharing experiences in programming.
Chuyên gia DAT Group trực tiếp hướng dẫn đối tác vận hành trên thiết bị thực tế
DAT Group experts providing hands-on guidance to partners using real equipment

Here, partners have opportunity to directly address questions, receive instructional materials from DAT Group experts, and gain insights into project practicality and automated equipment operations, shared enthusiastically in program.

Mr. Diep The An from Vietnam Steel Engineering Company positively responded to program: “Automation Training Tour program has helped me understand product system and solutions of INVT and Siemens. Additionally, I gained insight into automation trend to enhance knowledge, utilize existing strengths, and better meet customer needs. With deep support from DAT Group, I have complete trust that new opportunities will arise, and cooperation will become increasingly sustainable.”

In Hanoi, “Automation Training Tour” program also received positive feedback from partners

After process of absorbing knowledge from theory to practice, participants will receive a certificate of completion for advanced training course from DAT Group on “Industrial Control System Design and Monitoring,” including detailed information such as: Understanding PLC, HMI, Servo, and VFD of INVT and Siemens; Practicing Motion Control applications with Servo DA200’s E-CAM algorithm; Designing control systems with Siemens FA/MC (Factory Automation/Motion Control).

DAT Group representative presenting a certificate of completion for advanced training course to partners

It is expected that DAT Group will offer even more useful training programs in future. Stay updated on website https://dattech.com.vn/ or contact Hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free) for advice on participating in suitable programs.