10 Reasons Why You Should Use INVT Inverters and DAT’s Technical Services

For many years in a row, we have proudly been the leading provider of low-voltage inverter solutions with the highest sales volume in the Vietnamese market, with a mission to ‘satisfy your expectations’. DAT not only delivers high-quality products but also provides optimal solutions and dedicated, responsive, and high-quality services in the market. With the motto ‘to provide all customers, regardless of size, with the experience of high-quality, modern products with professional and consistent service’, for over 15 years, DAT has earned the trust of over 8,000 customers in various fields.

Come to DAT to experience the 10 BRIGHT SPOTS of INVT and DAT’s products and services:

  1. High-quality products with advanced technology from INVT

INVT is one of the world’s leading technology groups in the fields of inverter manufacturing, automation equipment, and electrical energy. INVT has 12 research and development centers with over 900 patents and 220 software copyrights for inverters – automation; renewable energy; robot systems; motor control systems for high-speed trains, electric cars; smart charging stations for electric vehicles. INVT products are widely used in over 60 countries worldwide.

INVT inverters use DSP from Texas Instruments, IGBT power components from Infinion and Semikron – Germany, along with the latest control solutions and technology. All processes from design to production and shipment of INVT products are strictly tested and certified by the TÜV SÜD quality system. Therefore, INVT products are trusted for use in demanding markets and countries in Europe.


  1. Professional technical team with deep experience in automation

DAT’s team of experts and engineers are deeply trained in the field of Inverter-Automation. With successful implementation experience of thousands of projects, they can not only solve your problems thoroughly but also provide solutions to help you significantly increase production efficiency.

  1. The most optimal solution for each customer’s specific application

‘A suitable solution for every problem’ never exists at DAT.

That’s why engineers and experts at DAT constantly research and develop solutions in the field of Inverter-Automation. Solving your difficulties is our main goal. Tell us your problem, and we will provide you with the most thorough, optimal, and prompt solution.

  1. Fast delivery and free installation support

With a system of branches, dealers, and distributors nationwide, we are committed to fast delivery to all provinces and cities, helping you minimize machine downtime. In addition, we also provide on-site installation support or through our service hotline, helping customers use our products with peace of mind.


  1. “Pre” replacement, “post” procedures

Understanding your concerns when problems occur during production, DAT has built flexible processing procedures and flexible payment methods for regular customers, or for medium and large investment projects. DAT’s top priority is to get your system up and running smoothly and quickly within 24 hours.

  1. Large stock warehouse, always available 10,000 large-capacity inverter sets

Always ready with 10,000 large-capacity inverters, helping customers accelerate project progress, minimize risks when having to stop machines due to incidents. This is especially important for factories, lines with continuous operation needs.


  1. Nationwide 24-month inverter warranty

DAT implements a 24-month warranty policy and lifetime product repair service. 100% new product replacement warranty for PLC, HMI, Servo and inverters with power ≤ 2.2kW, capacities ≥ 4kW will be replaced with original components from INVT.

  1. Quick service center nationwide in Vietnam

DAT is the only reputable unit trusted by INVT to establish and operate a service center in Vietnam. This center provides professional and immediate warranty, repair, and upgrade services on-site. Always meet your requests with original components and INVT’s standard European procedures.

  1. 24/7 technical support hotline

DAT’s customer support service operates 24/7, providing online advice on solutions, installation, setup, operation, and remote troubleshooting of inverters. When you have a request, just call our hotline, DAT’s technical team will promptly be there to solve any issues or install new ones related to DAT’s products and services.

  1. Free consultation, training, and education

DAT provides technical documentation, user guides, specific application solutions, easy-to-understand in Vietnamese or English, along with completely free professional training courses. DAT always accompanies, maintains support for advice and training, helping your technical team quickly grasp a deep understanding of products, solutions, technologies, operating methods, and efficient equipment maintenance.

Call the Hotline 1800 6567 now for free consultation on DAT’s products, solutions, and services.