SIMOTION D – Advanced Multi-Axis Motion Control System

SIMOTION D is integration of PLC, technology functions, and motion control based on the SINAMICS S120 drive system. This combination offers numerous benefits to users: compact size, cost savings, flexible expandability, and excellent adaptability to control levels ranging from simple to complex in automated machinery systems.


Enhanced Performance with a Compact Design

SIMOTION D requires approximately 50% less installation space compared to a combined PLC and drive controller system. As a result, SIMOTION D becomes an ideal solution for modular or distributed automated machinery systems, particularly for complex systems that require high-speed synchronization.

Application Areas of SIMOTION D

In High-Performance Machine Systems

SIMOTION D is an ideal solution for multi-axis machines that demand rapid response times, helping optimize product quality through identification and reconfiguration of the machine’s operational processes.

In Compact Machine Systems

SIMOTION D effectively implements complex control applications within a small space due to its integrated control and drive system, which occupies minimal cabinet space.

Module-Based Systems

SIMOTION D is pre-integrated into modules and acts as an add-on for the SIMOTION C system. The systems are interconnected using the PROFINET IRT protocol.

Distributed Automation Solutions

In multi-axis machine systems, each SIMOTION module controls a separate axis, resulting in a fully synchronized multi-axis control.

Challenging Conditions

When equipped with SIPLUS condition monitoring, SIMOTION D is optimized for use in harsh operating conditions (e.g., environments with hazardous gases).


Advantages of SIMOTION D

Space Savings

Its compact design occupies minimal cabinet space.

Rapid Response Speed

With a minimum cycle time of 0.125ms, SIMOTION D can respond extremely quickly to control requirements, from simple to complex.

Flexible Performance Expansion

SIMOTION D offers flexibility across various automation systems: SIMOTION D410-2 is used in single-axis systems, while SIMOTION D4x5-2 is used in multi-axis systems, expandable up to 128 axes.


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