GD18 Series 2in1 VFD Drives

GD18 is a 2-in-1 inverter series: integrated equivalent to two GD20 inverters. Therefore, GD18 is capable of controlling 2 motors independently of each other at the same time.


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Brand: INVT Warranty: 24 months
Specifications Parameter
Input Input voltage (V)  3P, 380V (-15%) ~ 440V (+10%)
Input frequency (Hz)  47 ~ 63Hz
Output Output voltage (V)  0 ~ input voltage
Control performance Output frequency (Hz)  0 ~ 400Hz
Controller mode  Vectorzie V/F (SVPWM), Sensorless Vector (SVC)
Motor Asynchronous motor
Speed range  1:100 SVC
Speed control precision  ±0.2%, (SVC)
Speed fluctuation  ±0.3%, (SVC)
Torque response  <20ms
Starting torque  0.5 Hz/150% (SVC)
Overload capacity 150% of rated current: 60s;
180% of rated current: 10s;
200% of rated current: 1s;
Frequency control source Keypad, analog input, pulse input, Modbus communication, multi-level 16 speed speed, simple PLC and PID.
 Filter C3 / C2.
Communication  Modbus
 Terminal Digital input 8 common ports
Analog input 2 Analog input: AI2, AI3
 Analog output  AO1, AO2: 0/4~20mA hoặc 0~10V
Digital output  RO1A-NO, RO1B-NC, RO1C- Common
RO2A-NO, RO2B-NC, RO2C- Common
Protection function  Protection against incidents such as over current, high voltage, under voltage, overheating, phase loss, phase out, output line breakage, overload etc.
Others Self-voltage stabilization function (AVR) Automatically stabilizes the output voltage when the supply voltage fluctuates abnormally.
Temperature -10 – 50 ° C. If the temperature exceeds 40 ° C, decrease 1% for each 1 ° C increase.
Cooling mode Self-cooling
 Installation Installed on cabinet boards
 IP  IP20


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– 2-in-1 inverter: supply 1 source and control 2 independent motors
– Power range: 3P, 380V, 0.75kW – 7.5kW
– V / F control, Sensorless vector
– Speed ​​control precisely to ± 0.2% (SVC), quick response <20 ms
– Torque start at 0.5 Hz: 150%
– Communication: Modbus
– Use GD20 inverter keypad to set and monitor parameters, not built-in on inverter
– Not applicable for loads requiring brakes and discharge resistors
– Overload capacity: 60s with 150% of rated current, 10s with 180% of rated current, 1s with 200% of rated current


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GD18 Series 2in1 VFD Drives