Workshop “Partnership in distribution of automation equipment SIEMENS” with overwhelming gifts

On October 30, 2021, DAT will collaborate with Siemens to organize an online seminar titled “Cooperation in Distributing Automation Equipment,” featuring an abundance of gifts and special offers exclusively for participating partners.



In recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted businesses to restructure their operating models towards automation, reducing dependency on human labor. Seizing this opportunity, and leveraging over 15 years of supply capabilities and leading automation solutions, DAT has maintained its market position amidst widespread challenges.

With the goal of sharing knowledge, experience, and establishing sustainable partnerships, DAT is collaborating with Siemens to organize the online seminar “Cooperation in Distributing Siemens Automation Equipment.” Through this seminar, DAT and Siemens will provide information about cooperation programs and commercial policies to help partners enhance efficiency in the “new normal.”

Program Content
Overview of MC/FA Products and Market in Vietnam

Siemens Automation Equipment Product System

Overview of key Siemens products distributed by DAT

Business Cooperation Policies with DAT
Special Promotion Programs Exclusively for Partners Attending the Seminar

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Minigame and Discussion

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Registration deadline: October 28, 2021.