HMI VS-Q Series: Faster, Stronger, More Efficient

Affirmation of INVT’s superior representation in Vietnam, DAT Group continues to swiftly update new products – VS-Q Series HMI within the DAT Ecosystem’s value chain, aiming to ensure a diversified supply and even better meet customers’ needs.

VS-Q Series HMI, developed by INVT, comes with several improvements compared to its predecessors in terms of performance, visual aspects, processing speed, and optimized costs for users.


Greater Performance

VS-Q HMI is a touch screen display available in various sizes ranging from 4.3″ to 15.6″, featuring 64K colors, a rich image library, and high resolution. Additionally, VS-Q HMI supports up to 50 languages and font customization for complex attributes. This provides an intuitive, simplified human-machine interface, enabling operators to grasp the overall situation and delve into specific data points for analysis when needed.

Faster Processing Speed

Equipped with a CPU Cortex A7-1GHz processor, VS-Q Series HMI provides users with high work performance, rapid response, and quick, accurate connectivity. VS-Q HMI operates stably, securely, and reliably, with sufficient power to run various applications of different sizes in the industry.

Higher Openness

VS-Q Series HMI can connect to multiple devices using various protocols. All VS-Q models are equipped with USB ports for data transmission. Furthermore, device supports RS232/422/485 serial interfaces and allows Ethernet network integration.

HMI VS-Q comes with robust and user-friendly programming software that supports connectivity to most current PLC models and allows access to USB, Ethernet, U-disk files for project configuration updates. Users can operate creatively with multi-window functions, diverse programming formulas, macro support, and customizable vector graphics for VS-Q HMI screen. It also enables users to install a single screen or multiple screens for one machine, or multiple screens for various machines, supporting HMI simulation on personal computers.

Safer and More Economical

VS-Q Series HMI has a large 128M DDR3 memory, 128M Flash, and ability to expand via USB, supporting permanent storage of large data capacities with a USB Flash drive. Through new password mechanism, data collection and alerts provided by VS-Q HMI, operators can better monitor process performance and respond quickly to unexpected errors, reducing downtime.

With numerous impressive enhancements, ability to meet connection, display, and control requirements in various applications, and yet being more competitively priced, VS-Q Series HMI is currently one of the most cost-effective and optimal choices for multiple industries and types of automated machinery, such as steel rolling machines, paper cutting machines, lamination machines, cutting machines, packaging machines, textiles, and food processing.

DAT Group officially distributes VS-Q Series HMI from May 26, 2023. For customers interested in purchasing or having inquiries about INVT equipment, please call the toll-free Hotline 1800 6567 to receive swift support from DAT Group – INVT’s General Representative in Vietnam.