High-performance low-voltage Siemens SINAMICS VFDs

Recognizing the key factors that bring success to businesses applying automation in the 4.0 technology era—increasing productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality—Siemens has launched several inverter lines integrating smart and modern features for high performance, such as the SINAMICS S120 and SINAMICS S150.

1. Siemens SINAMICS S120 Inverter

SINAMICS S120 is designed to meet high-performance motion applications in construction and industrial machinery. Equipped with an advanced central processor and various cutting-edge technologies, including protection features (STO, SOS, SLA, etc.) and a wide range of industrial communication standards, the SINAMICS S120 can handle most demanding applications requiring complex drive control. Additionally, this inverter can return excess energy to the grid (regenerative) and control servo motors.

The SINAMICS S120 offers versatile and flexible designs to cater to application requirements, such as blocksize for single-axis applications, booksize for multi-axis applications, and other designs like chassis and cabinet types…

Figure 12 SINAMICS S120

Power Range:



  • Plastic plants, printing machines, textile machines
  • CNC systems
  • Hoisting and crane systems

2. Siemens SINAMICS S150 Inverter

The SINAMICS S150, designed as a cabinet unit, offers multiple expansion options to meet system requirements. Due to its ability to withstand significant voltage fluctuations and ensure durable operation, the SINAMICS S150 is commonly used in applications with continuously varying speeds that require high precision and drive performance.

With its regenerative capability, the SINAMICS S150 is also used in applications with frequent braking cycles or sudden speed changes, making it economically beneficial by saving costs and enhancing system efficiency.

The SINAMICS S150 integrates numerous protection features such as STO, SS1, SBC, SOS, etc., and supports most common industrial communication standards.

Figure 13 SINAMICS S150


Power Range:

  • 3P 380…480V: 110-800kW
  • 3P 500…690V: 75-1200kW


  • Packaging machines, printing machines
  • Plastic industry, steel production
  • Hoisting and crane systems

From April 9, 2021, DAT officially partnered with Siemens in the field of digital industry with two main product groups: Factory Automation and Motion Control. Currently, DAT has a large stock of genuine, multi-purpose low-voltage SINAMICS inverters with superior warranty and service policies:

  • 12-month warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance
  • 24/7 engineer support
  • Flexible payment, delivery before formalities

For any inquiries, please contact the hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free) for quick support and consultation.