DAT conducted automation training for engineers at Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant

Established on January 29, 2015, Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company’s main mission is to produce and trade electricity, as well as manage the operation of thermal power plants at the Duyen Hai Power Center and the Duyen Hai Power Center Seaport. Currently, the plant is using INVT CHV190 VFDs to control the system of 1,500 tons of coal unloading per hour. Therefore, there is a desire to gain a deeper understanding and technology transfer to be proactive in the operation and maintenance of the system. DAT quickly responded to the support request and organized the program.

Training activities, technical knowledge transfer, and technology transfer are part of the cooperation program and continuous partnership with DAT’s partners, helping them achieve high efficiency in production and business.

The training sessions took place in a professional and enthusiastic atmosphere, with Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant engineers posing a series of questions to DAT’s experts. Through technical documents and visual instructions, the engineers gained a deeper understanding of the efficient operation of the coal unloading control system using the CHV190 variable frequency drive. DAT not only stopped there but also introduced highly effective specialized solutions for thermal power plants, attracting the attention of plant engineers.

The training session was successful, providing technical knowledge and addressing the questions of Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant engineers regarding INVT’s new application products, as well as DAT’s efficient specialized solutions for thermal power plants. Importantly, the engineers from Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant also shared their in-depth professional insights into the operation of thermal power plants, allowing DAT engineers to gain a deeper understanding of this field.

Mr. Van Tung Hua, an electric shop technician at Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant, shared: “I find DAT’s 3-day training program very well-organized and logical. The training knowledge is expanded on the field of industrial automation, which is very beneficial for technical people like us. Regarding the CHV190 variable frequency drive used by our company, DAT engineers provided detailed instructions on parameter settings, hardware and software troubleshooting, which is very helpful for our upcoming maintenance work. I am very grateful to DAT for creating conditions for our training in the past few days.”

Mr. Minh Tien Nguyen, a specialist in the Technical Department of Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant, also added: “Before, I also studied documentation about VFDs but only at a basic level, not systematic. Now, the documentation prepared by DAT is very meticulous, helping me understand much more, providing in-depth knowledge about VFDs. This will serve as a reference for the leadership to solve problems when incidents occur. For the future, I hope DAT will continue to support us with knowledge, and the two units will cooperate more extensively.”

Receiving such positive feedback from partners, DAT commits to being ready to support Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company in the coming time with in-depth knowledge and efficient application into the plant’s operation. DAT also expresses gratitude to Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant for creating opportunities for both sides to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s operations, supporting and developing cooperative relationships in the future.

With 17 years of experience, DAT is the official representative of INVT Group in Vietnam, with 2 INVT service centers located at the headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and the DAT Hanoi branch, ready to solve any situation and provide 24/7 technical support to ensure the smooth and effective operation of customers. At the same time, DAT continuously opens training classes, providing technical knowledge, and applying automation solutions for industrial production plants.

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