Elevator Expansion Boards – Elevating Standards

Elevators are widely used devices in modern life, not only in high-rise buildings, apartments, hotels, offices, etc., but also in households. Besides the convenience for movement, they also play a role in the aesthetics and prestige of the home.

The primary requirements for elevators are safety, convenience, stability, and intelligence.

After years of research and testing, DAT introduces the new generation elevator control system EC3000E. The system includes various components such as electrical cabinets, control boards of various types, including many expansion boards with different features and characteristics.


To optimize and help elevators operate smoothly and quietly, DAT provides the new generation EC3000E elevator control system combined with several control circuit boards such as:

Product/Image Highlight Features

EC-CTB top car control board

  • Controls cabin stop floor bell, lighting, and fan.
  • Connects to voice notification devices, display boards.
  • Controls and monitors elevator door opening and closing. Monitors elevator load.
  • Controls independent operation of dual-door cabins.

EC – CCB cabin call board

  • Hold door mode with time setting.
  • Priority mode for VIP and management, separate from the group of elevators and independent operation.

EC – RDB early door opening control board

  • Micro-leveling feature: allows adjustment of cabin position; if passengers make the cabin uneven with the floor level, the system will automatically adjust the cabin to the correct position.
  • Pre-open feature: opens cabin door early before the cabin completely stops, reducing door opening time.

MC-GCL group elevator control board

  • Optimizes traffic flow and saves energy.
  • Intelligently resolves high-traffic situations during peak periods and normal traffic.
  • Quick passenger pick-up mode or sequential mode, with options for priority and independent operation.
  • Zone-based timing mode.
  • Stop floor allocation mode.
  • Firefighting group elevator control mode.
  • Group operation mode using common rescue power.

EC-UCM safety board

  • Protects against unwanted cabin movement when the door is open.
  • The UCM board operates independently; when abnormal cabin movement is detected, the board signals the safety brake to stop the elevator.
  • Horizontal display in red/white, ultra-thin design 10mm, suitable for thin wall-mounted call boxes.
  • Displays floor position, direction of movement, and elevator status information such as full load, overload, error alerts.
  • Functions include floor call, elevator locking, and fire alarm.


In addition to mandatory integrated devices for the system, DAT provides several expansion boards to enhance the functionality of customers’ elevator systems.

  1. Voice notification board LM11

Voice notification board


  • Announces direction when the elevator starts running.
  • Announces approaching floors.
  • Welcomes guests and plays background music.
  • Notifies of malfunctions or emergency mode.
  • Plays separate advertising information for each floor.
  • Supports user customization of advertising music, background music, announcements, etc., using an SD card for MP3 storage.

2. BS10 elevator card system

Smart management and fault control board


  • Intelligent RFID card system can charge for elevator usage; users can call floors based on usage rights set in the card. When using a fee-based card, the controller will update and manage the fee value after each card swipe.
  • If a new card replacement request is made due to loss of the old card, the system will immediately block the old card and control unauthorized use of the card.
  • Automatically call floors based on settings on the card.
  • Set special usage rights of the card to meet various needs, classify cards by function. Can be integrated for shared use with hotel room cards, employee cards.
  • Functions of the card control board: card swipe, lost card management, time and card expiration management, service usage fee calculation, guest and employee management, fire service, real-time data update.

3. SMS error notification board DM-04A

SMS error notification board DM-04A


  • Collects elevator operation data.
  • Remote elevator control access.
  • Data transmission via GPRS.
  • Online fault alert.

With the features of the elevator control expansion boards provided by DAT, it is hoped to provide customers with a comprehensive overview and choose suitable equipment for their elevator systems. For over 14 years, DAT has been a trusted provider of products and effective solutions in the elevator industry for thousands of customers in Vietnam. For further details, please contact the hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free) for assistance and consultation.