7 common operational errors of elevators and their solutions

Elevators are products with high demands on stability and safety, so the design, manufacturing, and installation processes must strictly adhere to regulations. However, during usage, encountering both objective and subjective issues that disrupt elevator operation is inevitable. Understanding the 7 common operational errors below will assist users in safely and effectively utilizing elevators and proactively handling any situations.

No. Common Operational Error Cause Solution
1 Loss of control signal
Typically caused by insects, rodents entering electrical cabinets, machine rooms, and damaging signal wires.
As this issue stems from internal malfunctions, users should refrain from attempting to fix it themselves and immediately contact elevator technicians. Technicians will identify the problem, rewire signal cables, and remove any insects, if present, to restore normal operation.
2 Door opening/closing error Most commonly caused by external factors like small metallic objects, stones, or fruit seeds getting lodged in door gaps, hindering smooth operation or causing noise when pressing the door open/close button. In such cases, users should press the door open/close button several times to observe the object’s position. Then, either manually remove it or use a clamp tool for better reach.
3 Noisy, jerky, unstable operation This issue arises from various factors such as installation processes, related equipment, cabin movement (traction machine, hoist ropes, guide rails, pulleys), and controller response parameters. Choosing maintenance, repair, or refurbishment modes appropriate for elevator lifespan and usage frequency will eliminate these issues.
4 Inoperative rescue system Inconsistent power supply accelerates component aging, degradation, leading to the failure of the elevator rescue system. This issue also occurs due to improper usage or technical faults.

If the rescue system is found inoperative, users should immediately call elevator maintenance personnel for inspection and resolution.
5 Electric shock hazard Users often face elevator electric shock issues due to damp electrical/electronic components or inadequate insulation and grounding, caused by weather or malfunctioning grounding. When this occurs, it’s best to promptly call elevator maintenance personnel for inspection and resolution.
6 Elevator inoperative Various causes contribute to this issue, such as sudden power loss, unstable power supply, phase reversal during electrical repairs, improperly closed floor doors, or mechanical brake impacts.

In such cases, users shouldn’t worry excessively, as technical personnel will arrive to identify the cause and effectively resolve it.
7 Inaccurate floor stopping Inaccurate floor stopping poses significant hazards. The cause often lies in the lack of proper warranty, maintenance according to procedures, or interference causing sensor inaccuracies. To prevent this issue, users must always adhere to maintenance and servicing regulations for elevators.

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