GD350A Series High-performance & Multifunction VFD

GD350A inverter uses the most modern INVT processor and the world’s leading vector control technology for precise and flexible control of both open and closed loops. Thanks to its unlimited scalability, GD350A can satisfy all applications from simple to complex in different industries such as textiles, yarn, packaging, food, printing, oil and gas …

3 Phase Drives, 380V

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Brand: INVT Warranty: 12 Months
Specifications Parameter
Power input Rated Input Voltage (V) 3P-380V (-15%)~440V (+10%), rated voltage: 380V
Input Current (A) Reference Rating Parameters
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60 (Hz), Frequency Allowed: 47~63 (Hz)
Power output Rated output voltage (V) 0 ~ Rated output voltage
Current Output (A) Reference Rating Parameters
Wattage (kW) 3P-380V (-15%)~440V (+10%): 1.5~500kW
Output frequency (Hz) 0~400Hz
Controller properties Control mode V/F, SVC, VC
Motor Asynchronous Motor And Synchronous Motor
Speed range Asynchronous Engine: 1:200 (SVC)

Synchronous Engine: 1:20 (SVC), 1:1000 (VC)

Speed control precision ±0,2% (SVC), ±0,02% (VC)
Speed fluctuation ±0,3% (SVC)
Torque response <20ms(SVC), <10ms(VC)
Precise controls 10% (SVC); 5% (VC)
Starting torque Asynchronous Engine: 0,25Hz/150% (SVC)

Synchronous Engine: 2,5Hz150% (SVC); 0Hz/200% (VC)

Overload capacity 150% Rated Current: 60s (mode G)

120% Rated Current: 60s (mode P)

Special function Source Set Frequency Keyboard, Analog Input, Pulse Input, Media, Modbus/Modbus TCP/IP,  Ethernet/IP/DeviceNet/CANopen/Profibus/Profinet Media,Multi Level Speed, simple PLC, PID…
Self-voltage Stabilization Function Automatically stabilizes the output voltage when the supply voltage fluctuates abnormally.
Protection Function Protection against incidents such as over current, high voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase loss, phase difference, output line breakage, overload etc.
Terminal Analog Input 2 Input, AI1:0-10V/0-20mA; AI2:-10-+10V
Analog Output 1 Output, AO1: 0-10V/0-20mA
Digital Input 4 Frequency Input: Maximum Frequency 1kHz
2 High Speed Input: Maximum Frequenc 50kHz
Digital Output 1 Output Open Collector Y1

1 High Speed Pulse Output HDO, Maximum 50kHz

Relay Output 2 relay:

RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C Common

RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C Common

Extensive interface 3 Extensive Interface: SLOT1, SLOT2, SLOT3
Card PG, card PLC, Communication Card, card I/O…
Other functions


Protection Level IP20
Installation Method Supports wall mounting and hidden wall installations
Working Environment Temperature  -10–50°C, normal working temperature: 40°C
Dynamic Brakes integrated capacity from 37kW or less for a voltage of 380V

optional integrated magnetic capacity 45kW-110kW with respect to voltage 380V

Braking option for other capacities

Cooling Wind-Cooled
Pollution Level Level 2
Filter EMC For 380V, all models comply with IEC61800-3 C3 standard

An optional external filter compliant with IEC61800-3 C2 standard


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  • Wide capacity range
  • Precise controls
  • High mobility: 1 inverter used for many applications
  • Application of digital technology: towards production 4.0


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GD350A Series High-performance & Multifunction VFD