Guide on Creating System Graphs on HMI Interface Screen

To observe parameter changes of a specific object over time, we establish a graphical representation of the relationship between parameter of interest for controlled object and time. INVT’s VT Designer software provides support for ‘Historic Trend Graph’ tool, which relies on parameters initialized through ‘dataloggers,’ making system monitoring through graphs easier. – Implementation Steps: Step ... Read moreQ&A

Supervision and Simulation Method for Optimal System Display on HMI Screen

HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a communication device between design operators and machinery. As automation systems become more prevalent, the requirements for internal display and control have become more crucial than ever. This allows equipment operators to simply press virtual buttons on the HMI screen to control or display parameters. INVT’s HMI, with its compact ... Read moreQ&A

What is Electronic Cam (ECAM)? Applications of ECAM in automation

The trend of automation in manufacturing witnesses a shift from older, low-performance technologies to newer, more advanced, flexible, precise, and high-performance technologies. In the past, some master-slave control systems like rotary cutters, flying cutters, and sawing machines used mechanical cam mechanisms, which were low-speed, low-precision, and required frequent adjustments and maintenance. However, nowadays, Electronic Cam ... Read moreQ&A

How to Choose the Right VFD for Your Needs?

VFDs are widely used in electrical and automation systems. There are many different types of VFDs available on the market, ranging from basic models to specialized and high-end units from various manufacturers. Therefore, selecting and using VFD that meets your application requirements, is highly efficient, and cost-effective can be a challenging task for users. 1. ... Read moreQ&A

What is servo motor?

Servo System A servo system is a closed-loop control drive system that receives signals and quickly and accurately executes commands from a PLC. The servo system consists of a servo drive, a servo motor, and an encoder for feedback signals from motor to drive. Servos are used for precise position control, adjusting torque for various ... Read moreQ&A

Why use VFD?

Protect the motor from mechanical wear and tear When starting a motor directly from power grid, issues of shock and mechanical wear and tear are uncontrollable. A VFD helps in gently starting the motor, even if start-stop process is continuous, minimizing mechanical wear and tear. Save electricity and protect electrical equipment in the same system ... Read moreQ&A

Why does LOCAL/REMOTE indicator light always blink?

This is entirely normal; the light always blinks when VFD’s run command comes from terminal. If run command comes from keypad, “LOCAL/REMOTE” light will be off, and it will turn on when the command is issued through communication.

Why doesn’t the VFD display any lights after power is supplied?

The reason for this issue with the variable frequency drive may be: The voltage supplied to the VFD is inappropriate. The rectifier bridge is damaged. The charging resistor or the switching power supply is faulty. You should check the following: Use a voltmeter to measure voltage supplied to VFD and ensure it matches VFD’s rated ... Read moreQ&A

Why does motor produce unusual noises when controlled by VFD compared to its original operation?

As we know, input current to VFD contains high-order harmonics. When a motor is controlled by a VFD, it is influenced by these high-frequency harmonics, which can affect motor noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by VFD. If you increase carrier frequency, it can improve output current waveform, reduce high-order harmonics, and minimize motor noise. ... Read moreQ&A

Why, after issuing the run command, does VFD run, but motor doesn’t?

The reasons could be: Running frequency = 0. The motor is faulty, the load is too heavy, or there is a mechanical jam. The VFD has lost output phase or has an unbalanced output phase. The motor and VFD connection cables are severed, or the contactor (if present) connecting the VFD and motor is not ... Read moreQ&A